June 23, 2016

Understanding Islam XIII: Dhimmitude, Control Through Fear

Dhimmitude is a concept unique to Islam but similar to the caste system in India. It is governed by submission through fear and dominance. It is a form of semi-slavery so that is why I place it here after the posts on slavery and submission. A Dhimmi is a Kafir (infidel) that is allowed to live under Islamic Sharia. Anyone that fashions their behavior around Islam to appease it is also dhimmi. Today we see our politicians, journalists and intellectuals play the role of dhimmis. A dhimmi is what amounts to a semi-slave. First enslaved mentally to sharia, then physically. They are firstly taxed into submission. A dhimmi was not really a free person under sharia. In another sense a church couldn’t ring its bells because bells are a sign of Satan, according to Muhammad. Sharia Law for Dhimmi are appalling because they established a second-class citizenship. The dhimmi did not have civil rights regardless of skin color. A dhimmi couldn’t prosecute a crime against a Muslim.

In a recent 20th century incident in Turkey...

When Smyrna, the last of the seven churches of Asia was destroyed in 1922, it was not done with the military. Rioting Muslims did it (Smyrna Massacre of 1922). Riots are also a form of jihad. It was known as the Armenian/Pontic genocide and was the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Christian Ottoman Greek population from its historic homeland in Anatolia. Estimates are that up top 1,000,000 were murdered by the Ottoman Empire, Turkish National Movement…what were considered “moderate Muslims."
Dhimmitude, which is the mind of the dhimmi, destroys the civilization because the only way out is by giving up all of your old culture and taking on Islamic philosophies. Here is the abbreviated version: Islam seeks to annihilate all other cultures by dhimmi laws that come out of the Sharia law. The lack of civil rights, abuse, humiliation and oppressive tax burden wears away the spirit to resist becoming Islamic. Dhimmi get new names and names of cities change and then the cultural history vanishes. Once a nation has been fully Islamisized, all of its history disappears. The culture of the Greeks in Anatolia was destroyed by 1922-23. In Pakistan, a Muslim country, the native culture was Hindu. Afghanistan was a Buddhist culture that has since been completely annihilated and replaced by the Taliban and others.

June 22, 2016

Understanding Islam XII: Islam IS Submission

Islam is a chain of submission. From the top down it is Allah, Muhammad, the Muslim, the Kafir, the dhimmi and the slave. In this country we are beginning to see how submission works. We’re not as far along as Europe, but Muslims have immigrated here and have started making their demands as we have seen in public Islamic calls to prayer in America’s first Muslim majority city in Hamtramck, Michigan and with “Clock Boy”. The first thing they demanded was that the textbooks of America must conform to their way of teaching about Islam. I’ve spoken with a history major at West Chester University in PA and he has confirmed this fact just as a precursory review of textbooks will show. Yet, Islam will claim they are just trying to fit in according to our rules and ethics.

This duality is explained in two phases that Islam manifests to the world. The face of Mecca and the face of Medina. Medina is the violent phase, the political phase. Mecca is the nice phase. What we have is that the Qur’an of Mecca is used as a shield. It’s the public face of Islam. Mecca is what Muslims always talk about peace with or to Kafirs. This duality, this subtlety is what makes Islam so powerful because you can’t just jump up and condemn Islam as being totally violent. It needs to be clarified like this and this is a critical distinction that all Kafir must understand about Islam.

It isn’t that all Muslims are peaceful or all Muslims are violent at any one given time. It is unique characteristic of Islam that it allows all Muslims to be peaceful at any one given moment or allows them to all be violent at any one given tie based on their current political military position. This is obviously based on Jihad an whether or not they feel they are under threat (remember al-Taqiyya?). In other words, all Muslims are capable and permitted by their holy writ to wage jihad and are expected to. The question is: Are they being obedient to the murderous decrees of Allah and obedient to the murderous character of Muhammad that all Muslims are called to emulate? Remember, the Qur’an and Hadith are filled with contradictory/dualistic statements of jihad and peace. That peace is defined by Islam…which is only directed at Muslims. Kafir must submit or convert…or be subject to death.

When jihad happens such as the 9/ 11 or the Paris massacre, Muslims say, “Oh, that is not the real Islam”. But it is. “Moderates” will not protest, merely deny. Why don’t they protest against the Medinan Muslims, the jihadists? Because they are outranked in order of submission. The Medinan Qur’an that celebrates war and political power is higher and more powerful than the Meccan Qur’an in terms of authority in Islam.

What is peace in Islam? Peace in Islam comes only after you have submitted to Islam. The submission can be brought about by jihad. So here we have again the Qur’an of Mecca (the peaceful religious portion) covering the Qur’an of Medina (the violent political portion). Our common westernized Christian understanding of the word peace misleads us here. It hides the fact that jihad can be used to achieve Islamic peace. It is literally George Orwell's 1984 slogan: WAR IS PEACE. You will submit, one way or another. We would like to think that everyone can peacefully, but Islam does not work like that. Islam demands submission. There is simply no compromise between a system that wants to use the Golden Rule /democracy and a supremacist system which says that everyone has to submit.

June 20, 2016

Understanding Islam XI: Islam and Slavery

You do not know the history of African slavery if you do not know about Islam’s involvement. It is impossible to study the history of Muhammad and Islam and not understand slavery is integral to Islam. Some people think that slavery only happened when white men showed up in ships off the coast of Africa, captured slaves and brought them to America. To only see this piece is to see only a portion of slavery. Islam has 40 different words in their holy writ for slave. Why would the Arabic language have over forty words for slave? They would have 40 or more words for slavery because it is critical to their religion/politics.

White man’s involvement with slavery does involve him showing up on the coast of Africa in a ship to get slaves. That is only half the story though. In reality white man left with his slaves purchased from Muslim slave traders. The Muslims had been trading and capturing slaves in Africa since before Muhammad. White men only represented the newest market. In reality the ideal Muslim views himself as a slave of Allah. As a matter of fact, this is reflected in one of many Muslim names…Abdullah. Abd means slave and Allah - Slave of Allah. The truth is that slavery and subjugation holds a high position in the Islamic mentality.

The Qur’an is very clear about slavery. It’s quite desirable and it has only one limitation: You cannot enslave Muslims. Only Kafir (nonbelievers) can be enslaved. Often the full history of slavery is not taught in the United States. Nor is it easy to find textbooks written that include the full truth. That truth is horrible. Out of the approx. 25 million slaves that were taken out of Africa, 11 million were sold in the Americas. The other 14 million were sold in West/North Africa and southern Europe, where Islam is dominate. By the numbers, for every single slave captured, the slavers had to kill in a 10:1-5:1 ratio.

Sources vary but according to some of those who visited Africa during the peak slave trading days said that there was (conservatively) a 5:1 death ratio for one slave in the wholesale market. In other words, for the 25 million enslaved ten times as many died. That means conservatively 100 million Africans killed to acquire the body of slaves that survived. Worst case scenario 200,000,000+ (and that is just the African totals, not other people’s too). That is a deplorable and murderous statistic and says a lot about the value placed on human life by Islam. Many of the slaves were wholesaled to raise money for jihad. I suppose it is not surprising that that for centuries Islam has been involved in slavery. Allah likes a slave and Allah clearly wants Muslims to enslave others. I’m guessing it is because after keeping slaves long enough, they will convert to Islam and if they don’t, then their children will. Slavery cannot be removed from the Islamic doctrine because Islamic doctrine is eternal. It’s permanent. You cannot change a zebra’s stripes.

Let us be very clear on another fact also. Islam subjugates all non-Muslims. It will just as soon enslave and murder Buddhist, Hindus and Sikhs as it will Christians and Jews. There is no COEXIST in unity with Islam, Their holy writ will not allow it. As a matter of fact history again proves this out. Afghanistan used to be primarily Buddhist until the 10th century when Islam infiltrated. These areas are now primarily Islamic. As a matter of fact, some of the Buddhist statues of antiquity have recently been destroyed by the Taliban.

June 19, 2016

Understanding Islam X: Islam’s Persecution of Christians and Jews

Although the Islamic persecution of Jews has been horrid, I will mainly focus on the Christian persecution because both Jews and Christians have gotten the brunt of the violence that emanates from the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira. When Muhammad had his first vision, which no one else saw, and when he heard the voices, he said they were the voice was of the Angel Gabriel. This is important because Gabriel is in the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is borrowed. From the beginning Muhammad said that his authenticity rested on the fact that he had the same basis as the prophets in the Old Testament (thus sayeth the Lord). The characters were the same but the stories were wrong. If there had been Jews in Mecca they, would have said: “That’s not the way this story really happened.” The Qur’an claims the stories in the Old Testament have been corrupted.

In truth, one of the main reasons I wished to write about Islam is to have people understand the absurdity of the religious/political system that is Islam and then give a better option in the truth of the Christian Gospel. In this post I begin to turn that page. The truth is that Islam has two views of Christians/Jews (duality again). The first view is that Christianity and Islam are brother religions. The second view is that Christians must change their religion to meet the demands of Islam. Modern Christians want to believe that there is a bridge between Islam and Christianity. But the history of Islam shows that Islam first deceives and then annihilates Christianity. Wherever true Islam becomes dominate, Christian and all non-believers end up suffering death or oppression. When Islam takes over an area all of the culture, laws and politics becomes Islamic (Sharia). A Dhimmi, Kafir (nonbeliever, infidel) has to pay a tax, the Jizya. Half of everything they earned is paid to Islam.

Whenever the issue of Islamic persecution comes up, apologists of Islam are quick to state that Christians and Muslims worship the same God (Abrahamic God). That sounds like a good commonality to get started but this is just not true. Since many don’t know any better about Islam’s Allah and the God of the Bible most are accepting of this fallacy. Islam will say they honor Jesus because Jesus was a prophet of Allah, Jesus was a Muslim. They will also say that Jesus was not the Son of God, merely a Prophet. They’ll tell you that the Apostles of Christ were Muslims. They’ll state that Jesus was not crucified, therefore was not resurrected. They’ll state that Trinity is an affront to Allah. They’ll claim Allah is the only one true God and that the Trinity makes Christians polytheist. Islam will say that the New Testament was a corrupt document. In particular, the reason that the New Testament was wrong was that the prophet of Allah, Jesus’ chief prophecy was that after him would come the final prophet and his name would be Ahmed (Muhammad).

June 18, 2016

Understanding Islam IX: More Misogyny and Islam’s Honor Killing

Men are allowed to perform honor killings on women. An honor killing is when a man kills a woman because she has violated his honor. A Muslim male must control the sexuality of the females in his household or he is dishonored. The Qur’an speaks at great length about women’s rights (lack of them). Among them women are to receive half the amount of inheritance of a male. In a court of law it takes testimony of two women to equal testimony of one man. If a woman testifies against a man and he denies the accusation, then the testimony has no weight at all. In Islamic court this makes cases of rape impossible to prove.

Muhammad commented that he had seen Hell and the great majority of its inhabitants were women. Why were they there? They had not fully appreciated their husbands. In the same hadith, it is stated that women were spiritually inferior to men and women are not as intelligent as men. This treatment extents to the afterlife too where men become sexual deviants and women remain subjugated and servants of men.

Then there is the Burqa / head-to-toe covering that often includes the face. Some Islamic women say that it is not really required. Again, we encounter dualism (or contradiction). We know this much: Muhammad made all of his wives wear a veil. So although there is not a universal commandment that says women should wear a burqa, we do know that from other precedents…Muhammad’s life and emulation of it is the highest pinnacle of Islamic behavior. Burqa is therefore expected of obedient Muslims.

Another aspect of Islam is polygamy. The Qur’an is quite clear on polygamy. A man can have up to four wives. There is also the travesty of stoning. Sharia law is very technical about stoning. It even denotes the stones should to be chosen so they do not kill immediately. They have to be big enough so that when enough of them are thrown, they will kill the victim. Death by stoning is meant to be a torture that the entire community participates in.

June 17, 2016

Understanding Islam VIII: Islam’s Misogynistic History

The dualism of Islam allows for two ways to treat women. They can be honored or they can be beaten. If you’re going to study Islam you have to study women as a separate category because Muhammad had a misogynistic love/hate relationship with them. The reason for this is simple, Islamic doctrine denies that men and women are equal. Men are greater than women. The Qur’an has entire sections devoted to how women are treated inferior to men (too many to note here). On the subject of wife beating, the Qur’an is clear. It says that if a woman does not obey her husband or submit she can be beaten. Some argue that since Islamic women are beaten from an early age, by the time they are married they are used to this treatment and it does not seem to bother them. Wife beating is thoroughly entrenched in Islam. This is not a religious aberration in Islam, it is fundamental to their doctrine.

Muhammad left a great deal of information about the thrashing of women. In a hadith Muhammad is noted as saying that if hitting a woman is necessary do not strike them in the face (unsightly and unbecoming). Because Islam’s holy books are dualistic they hold contradictory positions. There are statements that says that it is proper to beat a woman, then somewhere else, in another hadith, Muhammad supposedly says: “Do not strike Allah’s handmaidens.” The truth is there are explicit rules laid out as to the gradation of how the man makes the woman submit and the final stage is a beating/thrashing. It is a form dominance through progressive punishment.

Then there are child marriages and the rape of children. In 2002, research in refugee camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan found that half the girls were married by age 13 [“Violent Oppression of Women in Islam”, Spencer and Chesler, Frontpage Magazine, pg. 15.] In an Afghan refugee camp more than two out of three second grade girls were either married or engaged. Virtually all the girls who were beyond second grade were already married. This is pure Sunna or the way of Muhammad. How do we know this? When Muhammad was in his mid-fifties, he was engaged to Aisha, a child of six. At age nine he consummated the marriage with her. So, when the 60-year-old Pakistani Muslim is engaged to the 10-year-old it is Sunna, it is the way of Muhammad.

June 15, 2016

Understanding Islam VII: Jihad in the Education System

One of the primary places that Muslims use money to advance jihad is in educational systems. The Saudis have pumped in enormous amounts of money into our universities. The Middle East history departments and Arabic department's textbooks teach a sanitized version of Islam in schools. In many cases the Islam that is studied in our schools is a glorified religion, not a glorified political system. No mention is ever made of nearly 300 million Kafir deaths since Islam’s inception. There is usually no mention of the dhimmitude or a Kafir as slave. Very little attention is brought to shine on Islam’s role in the African American slave trade either (a later post). On the issue of slavery it needs to be understood that nearly every single African slave that was sold to the white man was bought from a Muslim wholesaler.

While on the topic of slavery it should be noted that Islam as a politic has a political status for the Christians called dhimmi (another later post). When Islam takes over a governmental situation it implements Sharia law. How Christians and Jews end up being treated in Islamic courts is awful. Dhimmi have no civil rights like slaves. So this history of dhimmitude and special taxes that Christians had to pay was in essence taxed slavery.

So why isn’t much of Islamic history taught and thoroughly examined in schools? Some do but many do not. Why? I am guessing based on reading it is because their history is not glorified but instead...morbid and murderous. It is graphic like the images we see from ISIS. One of the main reasons that even Christians don’t teach the history of Christianity and Islam is the history is so dreadful, frankly a lot of it is horrid and disgusting. We see some of it in the censored videos online. For Christian’s who attempt to stay chaise and pure, discussion of khafḍ (female genital mutilation) in a classroom setting is, well, unsettling. Are Christian’s angels? No. they're not BUT... Islam’s history is often that HORRENDOUS. To understand true Islam, true history needs to be studied. This dreadful history continues until today. We see it in the 9/11 attacks, Paris, the poor treatment of Jews worldwide and the blatant and horrible persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

June 14, 2016

Understanding Islam VI: Jihad Is Defense Not Offense

Sept 11, 2001 attacks followed Muhammad’s pattern for Jihad in that it was a premeditated sneak attack (Guerilla-type warfare). Before Muhammad there had been Arabian established rules of war. But when Muhammad developed jihad he threw out all the rules in favor of offensive Guerilla warfare. Brother could now kill brother, father could kill son and tribe member would go to war against another tribe.

Islam will always claim a “defensive” attack in the Muslims mind. They are protecting their way of life. They view themselves victims of circumstance. This mindset is often employed by the Palestinians in Israel. According to most devout Imam, September 11 was a defensive attack. All jihad is considered defensive because the Kafir (infidel) creates the first offense by denying Muhammad. So the Kafir has already offended Allah. Logically it is a no-win situation for a Kafir. Therefore, what follows the offense is a defensive attack. If it were not for the Kafir there would be no jihad. The Kafir are to blame, there are virtually no exception. Therefore until all are converted to Islam and submission to Allah, jihad is considered perpetual and is incumbent upon all Muslims to perform. If a Muslim is not willing to perform jihad, they are Kafir. There is no middle ground or “moderate” position. Jihad is not to cease until the last Kafir has submitted. As long as there are Kafirs there will be jihad.

Interestingly, not all jihad comes as C4 strapped to someone’s waist. The biggest jihad happening in America today is practiced by Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. And they’re not using the sword, they’re using the dollars we pay them for oil. The most problematic jihad though is the money funneled into special interest politics. Washington, D.C. is awash in money from the Middle East and this money is used to influence votes, influence people and launch political campaigns. The most powerful jihad is the Islamification of our education, political and judicial systems.
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