April 22, 2019

kosmos / κόσμος

kosmos / κσμος 
From which we get Cosmos and Cosmology. It means world, mankind, earth in a wider sense. It’s not a finite location. It is more referring to existence in a much grander scale. In a secondary way it means arrangement. As in the Earth being in a harmonious arrangement or order with the rest of the universe/creation. It is used to refer to the entire world being part of a grander system/ plan. Geo γεω is also another word for the earth or world from which we get the word Geo-logy / -graphy. It refers to the Earth in a more finite way. A physical place on which we stand. Figuratively it means the "arena" in which we operate in spacetime. A place which God uses to prepare us for eternity. Eternity which is neither temporal nor tangible. In this way eternity, although it is quite real it is more along intangible lines and more aligned to the meaning of ‘cosmic’ or part of a grander plan.

Matthew 4:8, John 1:10, 3:16, 9:39

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