June 5, 2011

God Made Hammers

It was a strange beast
I use to be
...occasionally I still see it hide
......behind the mirror

I find a piece of it hidden
.......in the pocket of an unused jacket

A dark corroded mirror reflects a dark image
I have tried to sew my pockets shut
But I still feel the sharp edges of something in there

Opaque annoyance just below the surface
It constantly pokes in my side, reminding me
Thorn in the flesh
I smash the mirror but the little pieces
Still reflects me, smaller but 100 times over

Still murky with brooding intent
...the sinner that I am
Powder of the mirror sparkles like stardust
The hope is in the pieces
In the remnant

There is hope but it does not come from I
I deceive no one with this outward charade
The mirror exposes the truth
either through reflection or smashing anger.

Hammer to nail a nail
Hammer to break a mirror
A hammer broke who I was
A hammer rebuilds who I am

I cannot sweep away everything I was
But I can begin to build the new from old

It starts and ends with a hammer

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