July 9, 2011

Book Review: The Action Bible

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Not much to say about this book other than you should probably go out and get it. As you can imagine it is not going to have every verse in illustrated form. If it did the book would be 10000 pages. Instead, what you have here is a very well illustrated Bible that covers all the main stories of the Bible that have salvational or moral/ethical significance. There are 215 stories that tie into the overall storyline of Jesus which is the climax of the book. All of the stories are in chronological order. The narrative is true to a Christocentric or Christ centered view of Scripture that sees Jesus as the centrality of Scripture, although I am not sure what version the edirtor based the text on. Regardless, I did not see any subversive heresies in comic book form. That is worth the price of the book alone. Speaking of price, this is only $13.99 @ ChristianBook.com, $13.29 if you buy 12 at a pop for the kids in your church (hint!).

What I can also tell you is this captivates the kids and tweens. I do not see anything overtly violent in this book other than the crucifixion itself...and that is just something you can't and shouldn't water or dumb down. Even then...it just isn't that bad in my opinion. Jesus looks beaten and bedraggled but the actual scourging and hand impaling is tastefully portrayed. Angles and shadow play are everything in this book. It is clear the illustrater artist Sergio Cariello went to great pains to make this as tasteful and marketable to a Christian audience (and non) as possible.

As for the artist himself...from the artist's website comes these quotes and stats:
"I was born in Brazil, in 1964. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. At the age of 5, I already knew I wanted to be a Cartoonist. That's what I told my parents. I drew on Church Bulletins, Napkins and every surface I thought was worthy of my strokes. I made up my own mini comics, with my own characters. I drew all the TV cartoons and comic book characters I liked."

Sergio's Education: Word Of Life Bible Institute, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoons and Graphic Arts. He has illustrated for Marvel and DC Comics doing such characters as Green Lantern , Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman. This book/Bible is nothing short of brilliant for approximately 7-13 year olds. It is long overdue welcome remake and replacement for old worn-out Arthur S. Maxwell and Veggie Tales books. Because this book is going to help me teach my two sons the Bible I give it the highest possible marks and its worth every penny. Honestly, I would've paid twice the price for this and still thought it was a bargain.

Finally a cool Christian comic not some cheap mediocre Christian ripoff of something secular. Sweeeet!

Rating: 100 of 100

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