August 16, 2011

Paying The Devil His Due: In The Red, Part II

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight. ~Proverbs 11:1

For the Lord your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. ~Deuteronomy 15:6

It is better that you should not vow than that you should vow and not pay. ~Ecclesiastes 5:5

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

The obvious question to all this spending is clear, “Where does all the money come from? Where do we continue to borrow all this money from ad infinitum ad absurdum?” Today the governments modus operandi is also obvious. Their immediate answer is to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Most of our debt was borrowed from the taxpayers in advance. The Government can also sell bonds (which are now next to worthless).We eat October’s crops in May as China has recently commented about the USA. As the debt mounts we continue to borrow from other nations like China and European Union. In the end the buck stops with the American or citizen taxpayer. The debt as we all know is astronomical and in excess of 14 Trillion dollars and rapidly climbing. At one time debt was an embarrassment…it has now become the American way. America’s way is reprobate. We saw Nixon admit to being Keynesian  and made the absurd statement, "We're all Keynesian now" around 1970 (speak for yourself Mr Nixon). From approximately that point onward in American history our national debt as increased exponentially. Since Nixon, no president has done anything to eradicate the debt, only add to it. All of them from Nixon to Obama unless you want to consider the balancing of the budget done by Clinton in 1996-1997 which in reality is a fudging of the math and government massaging the numbers.

A crisis now looms and it will sink the United States. The staggering debt of the federal government is quickly approaching the event horizon and will soon breach the $15 trillion dollar mark. It will continue to rise. In addition to the federal debt, the government also as other financial obligations including civil service retirement, Social Security payments, and others as they come due. These too are promises that stem from the Roosevelt years or subsequent administrations. At some point the chickens come home to roost and there will be no money to pay anyone. With family sizes getting smaller and a disproportionately larger amount of people from the baby boomer generation retiring and collecting from the government, the governments near non-existent pile of cash will be quickly depleted leaving seniors high and dry.

The final thing that we must consider is the global nature of modern economics. In some way we are all now related to and tied into the world economy. Decisions made in other countries now have a direct impact on us here in America. The days of pre-World War II isolationism are a thing of the past. Nations pushed so that they could become masters of their own destiny (minus God). Multinational organizations have now been formed and a World Banking system has been created. If everyone is dependent on the same monetary system they are effectively the same entity. We henceforth saw the push for trans-nationalism and international cooperation and international incorporation. If we all are one, there are no borders. If therre are no borders and individual sovereignty…there is effective no conventional form of large-scale mechenized warfare that plagued Europe for centuries (only isolated cells of terrorism by dissidents). That was the stated theory anyway. Today this theory put forward by leaders, rulers and bankers looks more like a front than the truth. We now have a centralized world banking system...and wars all over the globe. Wars that are primarily finances by debtor nations. Nations financed by who? They are financed by other nations and the world banking system.

Godless Government & The Peter Principle

Governments used to be the referee, now they are the coach and the quarterback and the game has gone global. Not only is the government playing the game, they are also calling the downs and moving the down markers. Now that government has become God (or nanny). The entire football field gets tilted and the scores are rigged. The game is entirely staged. The fix is in and the those that hold the money holds the reins. In this situation even a star player cannot be assured of a winning situation. The most brilliant and most moral people are being crushed by this new world system. In their place we see the bureaucrats and bankers of the world. If the people inhabiting the chambers of Congress, government and financial institutions were actually moral and competent I probably wouldn’t even have a problem with that. But they are not and we only need to turn on our evening news to see a multitude of them at all levels of leadership mired in sleazy situations worthy only of print in tabloid journals. We now have mostly godless immoral men and women who have been accidentally escalated to positions of undeserved power. They have been elevated to their highest positions of incompetence (Peter Principle). There is just no other way to explain staggering debt, huge deficits, lost wars, and costly senseless immoral scandals. Anyone or anything that increases what they control while simultaneously decreasing their ability to control it morally and properly...create chaos and anarchy. Disorder and chaos is not of is of the Devil. The world is the Devil's playground.

Keynesian economics are now facing the “writing on the wall” crisis. All the governments that have adhered to Keynesian economic philosophy including US, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, etc., etc. have now proven beyond a doubt that they are unable to reduce its spending and debt. A temporary fix turned into a permanent one and the system in the US is now propped up with toothpicks. The only thing left to do is to suck blood from a stone. To tax an already burdened infrastructure of taxpayers. This can only end in disaster, either economically or socially. We are already seeing the kickback in the form of voters jettisoning incumbent politicians that either appear clueless or have backed this iniquitous system of debt. Our government has bitten off more than it could chew and time has come to pay the devil his due...unfortunately we have nothing to pay him. We already sold him our collective soul decades ago by allowing ourselves to be signed on to this damnable pact. Government should’ve never been appointed to the position of a god. When a government puts itself in the position of God…it is satanic and can only continue to become more satanic in the absence of God’s Holy and purifying presence. The economy and economic system that we currently live within is the type of system we sould expect to have in the absence of God. A system that continues to incur a debt it cannot payback. A continually expanding burden that will eventually crush us under the weight. A godless and ungodly economy.

The money that now keeps the United States afloat comes from distant points on the globe. For the Keynesian philosophy of borrowing and debt to be possible it’s become necessary for industrialized nations to join together in a odious economic network-The World Bank. It is a transnational group necessary to keep afloat a financial institution of this magnitude. The United States has now become so unwieldy and out of control that we realistically cannot support our own debt anymore. To avoid collapsing under our own weight of obscene debt…we need to spread it around (as have other Keynesian based economies). We turned to international markets in our insatiable greed and gluttony. Why do you suppose that when the USA has problems it has a ripple effect all the way around the world? You didn’t think it was because we are that important anymore did you? You didn’t think it was because people cared about our greed do you? We are now only safe as long as people have faith in us to repay our debt at some future date that is quickly approaching. When do our present economic “friends” become enemies and come to collect our debt? Rest assured, when the dollar looses its status as the Reserve currency, the debt collectors will come and they will come in force.

Think China people. Keynes succeeded in uniting the world through a financally or materially interdependant network where centuries of wars failed-- NAFTA, EFTA, APEC, OPEC, etc. We now are heading towards one huge unified economic network to manage world finances because of our greed and uncontrollable spending…because of our gluttony, greed, covetousness and piggish consumption of material goods. One massive unified economic system…a World Government that will need to control a World Financial System. Regardless of what you think is possible, this idea is no longer part of the fringe conspiracy element of the Internet folks. It is easily discernable from the news and knowledge readily available to the public. It isn't even hard to find. You'd have to be blind to miss it. China has become thee creditor nation for the world. The United States has become thee debtor nation on a monstrous scale far outpacing all the other countries combined. The balance of power has begun to shift in a monolithic manner from West to East. The only reason we are still having our debt propped up is because there are many nations that do not want to get sucked down the toilet when the US economy fails. People are waiting for the East to create a stable basis and system to replace the US dollar and Wall Street. A transfer of power this large takes time, mountains are not moved in a day. The seeds of our demise were planted in the very foundation of this new economy. When these seeds come to full bloom there will be no one to help and the foundations will crumble.

In A Country of The Blind, One-Eyed Men Are Kings

What is amazing to me is there are many in academia that are followers and advocates of the Keynesian philosophy and sadly, they have the ears of the people in power. A system that was meant to be a temporary fix is now advocated as a permanent fix by so-called experts. These people usually come in three flavors: Marxist in general, Socialist, and in some extreme cases communist. The people in power (politicians and the uber-rich) may not necessarily adhere the these philosophies but they are being advised and steered by them since those who are from academia who are considered the experts. They advocate this insanity because they have an agenda of social re-engineering to level the playing field for all. Many in the halls of power are economically ignorant and eat it hook-line-and-sinker.

It isn’t Keynes fault this is happening. It is the product of mindless adherents of flawed ideologies. When we replaced God with government and men thought they had the answers we laid the groundwork for apostasy and a drift away from commonsense and biblical principles of being frugal and sensibly thrifty. I do not find it surprising that these economic flaws entered the system at about the very same time that God began to be rejected from the system and our society. In the first half of the 20th century we saw and explosion of anti-biblical philosophies like separation of Church and State and included removing prayer from schools. All these philosophies stemmed from the godless Darwinistic and Marxist/Socialist philosophies of the late 19th century Europe. Philosophies which had their roots in the Enlightenment that goes back centuries. The Enlightenment whose impetus came from the desire to rely solely on human reason and was fallout from the abuses of both Churches and State centers of power. The desire to push God out of humanity. A theory that said the power of government derives from the power of its subjects rather than the will of God (Hobbes). We still live under this today. We also now live under God's judgment. We are a nation that is under judgment for turning its back on God, just like its predecessor and primary parent...Europe.

In terms of economics and moral rectitude the United States has made a deal with the Devil assuming it would always benefit from perpetual prosperity, abounding affluence and self-sufficiency. Now man is self-sufficient. Without God man is a reprobate sinner dead in his sin. Now the tide is turning and now that it is coming back in it threatens to inundate even the most frugal and Biblically disciplined. The Devil is coming to collect his due in this Faustian pact. When you make a deal with the Devil you preclude God, the results of the pact with the Devil are their own punishment for having turned your back on God and having apostatized (drifted away).

And you can take that last statement to the bank (sarcasm and pun intended). It isn't just the economy that tells me that we are under the judgment of God, it is also the rampant sexual immorality, the obscene wholesale slaughter of the unborn through abortions, the senseless violence, and the non-sensical and unbiblical decision-making that permeates our society and culture at every level of secular and often religious leadership.

Its time to pay up folks...and we are now financially and morally destitute (repobate). If we do not turn back to God and plead vehemently for forgiveness with a contrite heart, the enemies of the USA will win without ever having fired a shot. I fear it is too late already.


Philsthrills said...

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Andy Pierson said...

Indeed. History repeats itself and we never learn as humans. Like Israel we are called to account over and over and every single time we think we know better, deny God and fall flat on our faces. Petulant spoiled stiff-necked children. Truth is I really only want to expound on what I have repeatedly been ridiculed about when I posted on FB. Most really do not know the rudiments of what is going on in the economy and that leads to fearful speculation and paranoia (which I am accused of routinely). Everyone thinks this economic depression we're in is something that just happened in 2008. It is actually much older and more complex than that. The housing market was only a trigger that hit 70 years of dominoes that had stacked up. It can only compound if we do not get realistic about our standards of living and get rid of privileged entitlement mentality acting as if we are still a blessed nation...which we are not.

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