February 26, 2012

New Improved SoulJournaler

By now I suppose all of my regular readers will realize that I've slightly modified SoulJournaler's format. In the past I have been told the blog looked too congested in the middle of the page and with spacing between lines of text. This was Bloggers old template. I was postponing this changeover to a new wider set-up until I had time to troubleshoot as changing orientations and fixing the fallout from this would take time I didn't have. True to my fears, when I switched over, things got really messed up and I need to rewrite some code to get it right and still maintain a majority of the old "feel". What you now see is a wider format. Moved are quotes of the day and a few other knick-knacks I couldn't figure out and it wasn't worth the time to try. I have added social media buttons and more reader interaction stuff below the posts. Yes, I know the Post heading blinks as different fonts when they first load. Don't worry about it, its not your computer, its Blogger's server. It goes away after a second or so. If you have problems viewing the whole site you'll need to maximize your window for the full effect of the new wider format. Hope you like the new set-up. The hope is to eventually migrate all of my material from Blogger to my own domain www.souljournaler.com since keeping it on here makes it their intellectual property. I want to own this stuff off their site so I can publish it as I please and not worry about copyright infringement on my own material.

Be Blessed

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