March 31, 2012

Powers, Principalities & Malware

So I am sitting here checking the week's stats and I realize that the hits coming into SoulJournaler have been dramatically lowered again so...instead of going in through the dashboard that controls my site I go in through Google like most everyone else would. So, what do I find set in place by the anti-Christian organization Google to deter readers from my site....

Warning: Something's Not Right Here! Indeed Goober, something is indeed not right. Google isn't right and their dopey algorithm that is precluding an entire web site of Biblical material because of a poorly written set of code and blanket criteria for filtering malware.

I try to enter my site and what appears to eye? None other than a malware warning set in place of my blog by Google to dissuade people from entering my site. I can assure you right now there are no malware, spyware or even Tupperware® on my site. I check constantly for these things to assure that readers can trust my site. Apparently Google uses an algorithm that sweeps broad swathes of data to capture what it assumes might be malicious software based on historical precedents of data but in reality, probably isn't malicious.

It is then that I realize that the powers and principalities will use anything to prevent the spread of the truth of the Gospel and truth in general. If I, as the author and initiator of this blog cannot enter is own site without this warning, then there are probably few that can without it. Do you want to know why this warning is popping up? It is because of a small Christian Site ranking bar that  gives me hit counts...I have now been forced to remove an otherwise harmless Christian organizations banner because of the warning message. I had two but am now down to one.

Thank you dorks at Goober for warning the world against harmless Christian websites like mine or Christian Topsites which is really just a portal to other Christian sites. They do this while simultaneously promoting godless agendas and allow the peddling of questionable materials in terms of immorality, ideology and wickedness here in the Western world. Not only that, they also allow totalitarian and murderous regimes like China and Syria to suppress their people by mercilessly regulating and restricting what their people can receive from the outside if they are animals in a cage.

This is bogus...but you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

Avoid Goober, er, Google...go use Hot Bot or Yahoo...not that they're any better...but right now I am quite annoyed with Google preventing the spread of the Gospel and their monopolization of the search engine market. They control 80-90% of what people see on the Internet through their bogus Panda search algorithm(s) too. They'll now probably come after me for copying their warning message and claim some form of copyright infringement, trademark infringement or some other nonsense. 

Welcome to Police State 2012

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