June 16, 2012

A Spirited Flame

A newly kindled flame needs to be fortified to be turned into a raging unquenchable fire
Likewise, a newly kindled faith needs to be fortified to be turned into a raging flame also

Coals will burn with fervent flame when they are with other coals because of the cooperative and communal effect of being with those of its same kind. They will even burn zealously on their own for a while. In the case of Christians, we all burn with a divinely kindled fire and the power of Christ drives us. If we remove lone coals (Christians) from the furnace or from others like it and fail to feed them fuel (Scripture. prayer), they quickly burn out and go cold. Things from the outside batter the loan coals like wind and rain (persecution). If they are not moved back into the larger group they really do not stand a chance. On the other hand, if they are kept together, invigorated, stirred in a “spirited” manner, not only will they burn brighter, they will actually throw sparks out that will light other things on fire. They will throw off life and create more life. Thereby they spread holy fire. This is the principle repeatedly called for in Scripture (Hebrews 10:25).

When we get a person to convert to Christ this passion or flame for Christ must be nurtured and cultivate by adding more fuel to the fire: Scripture and Prayer. The relationship with Christ does not create a strong bond unless two (or more) choose to work together to strengthen the bonds. Otherwise…the once intense desire flames-out and turns into a burnt cinder with no light and no heat. It is effectively dead or worse-the flame never really caught on, did it?

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