March 7, 2013

Skeptic’s Endgame

Without spiritual illumination, the doctrines of the Gospel are open to skepticism therefore interpretive error. Nowadays skeptics pretend not to renounce or forsake the truth of God. But they talk about the truth and argue about it with a "devil may care" attitude. In truth they are ambivelent and apathetic towards the word of God. The truth is that they are indifferent as to whether it is true or not. Scripture, the Trinity, Christ and his offices, justification by grace and all the other great truths of the gospel are weighed and examined and mostly just considered a bunch of intellectual nonsense or worse supernatural myth. It is a point of contention in theological arguments but holds no sway on the hearts of the one’s arguing the points. It is just another academic pursuit to win arguments over, not win converts. Other people are the farthest from these people’s minds. This is all about being right and who is the most aligned with the culture, truth be damned.
Many act as if they are true teachers of true Christianity and even hold posts in supposed Divinity schools and Seminaries. Yet they are only old windbags teaching another hip…but false Gospel. They may be teachers of religion, but they show their spiritual ignorance of the fundamental difference between truth and error. They cannot see the glory, beauty and power of truth of Scripture and of God so it all looks like an uninspired book to be argued over. What they fail to understand is that Jesus felt the Scripture was infallible and quoted from it often. So either Scripture is infallible and Jesus is right or both become compromised because if Jesus believed it was infallible and it wasn't, He was wrong and is therefore not divine. an omniscient
Furthermore truth, truly known and understood, will produce reverence, love and sacred esteem in the souls of a person. So much so that they would not dare to whore themselves to skepticism or allow it to be debated about by every fool that has an unfounded opinion.
Spiritual darkness caused by biblical illiteracy and biblical ignorance keeps the mind and soul from arriving at any assurance of the truth. It prevents the soul from loving the truth and so provides no defense for the person against sliding away from God because it doesn’t even allow a person to love God to begin with. How can one love someone or something he knows nothing about?
Absent the proper guide or map each person in blindness and ignorance of what is truth and what is error, is left to determine what is truth for himself. They all do what is right in their own eyes. Each person has their own opinion of what truth is and everyone’s truth is as equally valid as any other truth. In the postmodern quicksand it is easy to wander away from God and into apostasy.
Apostasy is the endgame of Skepticism.
In this way, truth is lost gradually day by day and people gradually wander. Truth is the only guide to right thinking. If the mind is not guided by truth, its thoughts will soon wander into error. So went the Jews, so went Judas, so went the Roman Catholic Church and so goes all the cults of today that say the name Jesus Christ but attribute to Him something less than divinity, holiness or salvation.
The minute someone believes they have a better idea their apostasy has already crept into their darkened unlit heart. As soon as someone adds to what has already been done apostasy has gained its foothold. As soon as the first doubt surfaces… disaster will ensue if it is not stamped out like sparks near kindling. Skepticism leads to apostasy and this leads to thought other than on God. Skepticism and apostasy is a step towards death and puts one foot firmly in the grave rather than a footstep towards an empty tomb.
All false religions claim that their followers are more holy in their lives of work than those who hold to the gospel of Christ. In this way is they wish to win converts to themselves. Whereas those that preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ wish to win converts to Jesus Christ, and thereby do so. The rest just blow hot air like bellowing windbags and when they win converts, they win them to damnation and make their disciples twice the son of Hell that they are

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