May 2, 2013


For all the gay-affirming churches and gay-affirming people that are flogging me over my biblical position on homosexuality, you really should get off your moralizing high-horses and come back to Scripture. You are probably not as Biblical as you believe you are, nor as Christian as you believe you are. Besides your starting to get on my nerves with you postmodern subjectivity and I will be continuing to post on sore subjects. My calling is to teach the Truth of Scripture, not tickle your ears.

Calling Christians "hateful" for pointing out sinful behavior that is not aligned to biblical principles is a tactic born of slick pluralism and postmodern thought. It is not an is a lack of one. By declaring the intent of Christians either hateful or bigoted (i.e. sinful) for simply expressing what God teaches is to profoundly misrepresent the intentions and beliefs of good Christians to make yourself appear either more pious or morally superior. Not to mention the fatal bipolar hypocritical inconsistency of calling Christians "sinful", "biased", "bigoted" or "homophobic" for their declaring certain behaviors as "sinful" based on a standard that is not even is God's in the Bible. How can one consistently say that anyone who calls someone's behavior "sinful" is sinful? This is hypocritical logic. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black? By doing so you are guilty of the very thing of which you accuse another. This is worst form of hypocrisy. Religious hypocrisy to further a personal agenda. Furthermore, how do you know if Christians are wrong? Those that believe in the Inerrancy of Scripture find their basis for truth in the Bible, therefore they use God as their highest authority for information. What standard is being appealed to here when a person speaks out against a person that bases there belief and statements in the Word of God? This sinister schema/scheme of marginalizing Christians for their beliefs actually promotes the most ignorant form of intolerance there is. For it pretends objectivity while giving a wholesale monopoly to the system of the world to determine for all of us, what is, and what is not, sinful. You therefore make yourselves your own gods based in the wisdom of this age (1 Corinthians). Meh.

The fact is, contrary to 15 minute stardom prosperity preachers and flash-in-the-pan notoriety deconstructionists like Rob Bell and the Emergent Church, true Christians do not think they are more moral than others. We believe we are all in the same boat and most of the time we understand that we are much worse than you are. We were saved by Christ, not made perfect. That part doesn't come until we're dead. Many of us are just trying obey Scripture and teach the truth of it to others so they can obey it too. Instead we are often fought by those that have an uneven grasp of Scripture with poor moralizing arguments and flawed logic.

What I will not do is advocate and known sinful and immoral behavior regardless of whether the society and culture approve of it or not. This includes adultery, homosexuality, incest, thievery,  idolatry, and whatever other sin you can think of.

The truth is that we are all slaves born into the bondage of sin. We are merely sinners pointing other sinners to freedom and to bread ... and the intent, for the most part, is not from the vantage point of moral superiority, but rather one of love, to help mankind by pointing to their only hope for escape. 
Any "so-called" Christian who does it for any other reason is probably a moralist, or at least not being consistent at all with Christianity's central teaching of grace. Just so you know, moralizing morality will damn those just as quick as immorality will, apart from the Savior. There are a lot of damned Pharisees and Christian priests / ministers / pastors roasting in Hell because they thought they had the moral high ground and were more pious. The Devil laughed robustly when he received this deceived fools into his clutches. Salvation by morality and moral works is a dead end...especially when it is based in a morality formulated by a self-loathing, guilt-ridden moralist Christians that are ashamed of the Gospel and Scripture.

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