July 26, 2014

Post Rock II: Teen Daze- Four More Years

In continuing this series of posts about music that puts me in a reflective mood for study I present the next on my list of favorites.  The truth is that I listen to this music at work too. It helps me chill and the Lord knows I need to turn it down a few notches. 

I realize that a lot of this music is used by stoners when they get high but that is their sin not mine. I have enough of my own. I don't use it for any purposes close to what they use it for (spacing out). I merely tend to relax and dwell more heartily on God when I hear this stuff. In particular Teen Daze's music takes me to a place that is akin to the beach at sunrise on a winter morning in childhood. I think some of their album art reflects that vibe.

It is definitely Post Rock and more along what is considered Shoegazing. Shoegaze is a sound that is typified by significant use of guitar effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blend into the creative noise of the guitars. This album has an ethereal feel to it. Like many Post Rock and Shoegaze bands it also sort of has a retro feel too (the 60's and 70's). 

The video above is from Teen Daze's Four More Years. I've provided the video to the song Shine On, You Crazy White Cap. This song in particular has a Smashing Pumpkins feel from the Gish era. It tends to play visual tricks and is a bit dizzying at times. I suppose this is to play up the stoner appeal of the music but it is the best video I could find of this band that captured their quintessence.

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