August 28, 2014

Post Rock IV: All India Radio (s/t)

I present the band All India Radio and the self-titled album from 2003. Although I do a disservice to All India Radio to group them into ‘ambient music’ it would not be an incorrect descriptor. All India Radio is layered music best experienced through headphones while studying. More importantly, it is music that is unobtrusive and can easily work its way into the background. The songs are sublime movements of intensity, with slow picked bass notes, light snare drumming. Strong but delicate. There are occasional whispers lyrics over or atop one or two songs. When I hear this stuff I think of summer vacation at the shore with Space Rock echoing through sand dunes. In the end it has a relaxing effect on me but has just enough change-up that I stay alert to them.

Here is the video for Tijuana Dream from All India Radio’s self-titled album (2003)

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