December 3, 2014

Post Rock VI: Eluvium-Copia

Another Post Rock album I like to listen to is Copia from Eluvium. Eluvium is actually an artist named Matthew Cooper. 

Eluvium provides an experience. It is a pure ambient piece that slowly unfurls around you with piano slipping in and out to supply something peaceful. It is purely instrumental and is a mixture of strings, brass, keyboards, and piano. Gone are the glacial, atmospheric walls of ambient guitar that are so common to Post Rock music but it is still and intriguing album to listen to repeatedly. The music always possesses a unique sense of honesty making it instantly recognizable but it is not extremely groundbreaking either. It’s a relaxing middle-of-the-road meditative piece that I find good for study. It has surprisingly soothing melodies and a spatial feel without any of that irritating New Age empty-headedness that I disdain so much. Instead it seems as if Cooper replaces potential vacuousness with a hint of familiar melancholy. To me this is much more preferable to euphoric crescendo and other nonsense.

I've provided a video for the song Reciting the Airships. It is just an image of the album cover in the video but at least you get a chance to hear a tune from the album.

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