April 8, 2015

A Scout Is Reverent, Part II: A Moral Compass

[Herein you'll see the outline of the morals/ethics class I taught local Pack 523 for Scouts. It was for 8 year old boys. The moral/ethical scenarios are pretty clean-cut. How they are dealt with are not overtly Christian with Bible Scripture but the principles underlying how the scenarios are dealt with are very Christian.]

What Is The Scout Oath?
On my honor I will do my best  To do my duty to God and my country  and to obey the Scout Law;  To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong,  mentally awake, and morally straight.
The Scout Oath says, “…I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country” Another part says scouts will, “keep myself…morally straight.” Here we see the basis right within the Boy Scout oath to be morally upright.

(Scenario 1) There is an older boy who hangs around Jason’s school. He tries to give drugs to the children. What would you do if you were Jason? Why?
  • Drugs aren't good for anyone. They’re particularly bad for kids whose body is still growing.
  • Drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs you’ll need your whole life.
    • Some drugs can even kill people.
  • While using drugs, people are also less able to think well, make good decisions.
  • Drugged people do dumb or dangerous things that could hurt them or other people.
  • Drugs will end up driving you away from other friends you age.
  • Why do you think and older boy would come to younger ones to give drugs to them?

What do we learn from this? 
Drugs Drag You Down

(Scenario 2) Justin is new to your school. He has braces for his legs and walks with a limp. Some of the kids at school tease him. They want you to tease him, too. What would you do?
  • What would you think if someone walked into your school like this?
    • Do you realize that some people have disabilities that you can’t see?
  • Some people are really, really sensitive to loud sounds, crowds. They cannot process and absorb too much noise. Because of this they tend to not communicate well because they’re overwhelmed. 
    • It is called Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Why is teasing people wrong? 
    • It is you trying to make yourself better than others
    • When you do this it puts down others.
  • God made people the way they are. Everyone has a purpose to God.
    • If we put others down, we put down how God made people.
    • This means we think we know better than him too.
What do we take away from this? 
People with Disabilities Are Different but not Beneath Us

(Scenario 3) Mr. Palmer is blind. He has a guide dog. One day he is crossing the street, some kids whistle and call to the dog. They what you and your friends to all to the dog, too. What would you do?
  • Mr. Palmer is handicap. He has no control over how he is. He might have been born this way.
    • Again, this is the same as Justin in the last story.
    • …and by whistling to the dog, we are literally taking Mr. Palmer’s eyes away from him right before he crosses the street
    • Is this safe. No! It’s dangerous and life threatening.
    • So what we are doing is threatening his life.
    • That’s as bad as pushing him into traffic.
What do we take away from this? 
People with Disabilities Are Limited but not Less Important

(Scenario 4) Some kids who go to Bob’s school want him to steal candy and gum from a store, which they can share later. Bob knows this is wrong, but he wants to be popular with these kids. What would you do if you were Bob?

  • When you steal you betray people’s trust.
    • It’s dishonest. It’s illegal.
  • By stealing you are taking for free what someone else had to earn.
  • Stealing from someone shows you don’t care about them, don’t love them.

What do we take away from this?
People that steal don’t care about the people they hurt

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