August 25, 2016

That Charlie Brown Moment in Church...

As of last night I am somewhat dismayed at the fact that, no matter how many times I proclaim the same truths to people, there will always be those who are vastly more concerned with my delivery style than they are that I am actually speaking the truth. No matter how much I try to temper the truth with solemnity, humor or compassion, the authoritative nature of the Truth itself is indigestible to these people. They hear it and either don't fully understand it or they just refuse to accept it.

Sorry folks, I refuse to dilute the truth at the cost of losing pieces of it in a quagmire of political-correctness and namby-pambyism. You know what you get from me because I refuse to mince words. Part of the clarity of the Scriptures is its authority and directness. Where I see direct contradiction to Scripture you can be assured that I will call that error out in a manner compelled by the Spirit and correct it.

If it be a rebuke in love, so be it. We’re are called to discern the truth through adherence to Scripture, not through our emotions or what we think we’re hearing. Our emotions and thinking have been twisted by The Fall and cannot be trusted detached from Scripture, not even for a moment without risk of going completely rogue almost instantly. We are always being held accountable either by direct measure to God’s word, by God himself or by our immediate brethren present when we speak.  I believe this is at the core of many problems in our churches.

(1) Too many people are too easily offended. We must often divest ourselves of the entitlement mentality that allows us to be offended. If we offend easily it assumes (a) we believe we are right separate from Scripture and (b) It assumes we are ‘above’ the fray. In other words we must give up our right to say that we shouldn’t be allowed to be offended. If we are clearly wrong, we need correction and if that correction offends, than that person is not wise. Sin is clouding their vision. The Bible clearly states these facts in Proverbs.

(2) Too many churches water-down their Scriptural teachings (or change or abandon them completely) so not to offend. Please understand the reason people are offended by the authoritative truth of Scripture is their sin. Sin in both thinking and action. Their minds and bodies are both at enmity with God. This cannot happen without the risk of losing the Gospel message completely.

Bottom-line: We must never forget that the Devil and the powers and principalities walk into (infiltrate) our churches each and every day. If we do not figure out when, how and where, we allow them to set up shop and squat without our permission and without identifying them. In this manner these dirtbag gain a foothold. Once they establish that presence in either our lives, families or churches…they are virtually impossible to dislodge because their putrefying claws dig in deep.

**Sigh** Feeling exceptionally disappointed today.

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Anonymous said...

Please try not to be too disappointed. It is part of this human nature to rebel against truth. "How dare you judge me."
Scriptural truth will never be in vogue, it is just that now we are in a time of a great falling away/deception.
We are also in a time of some of God's people being woken up to the truth, so as the world turns wholeheartedly against God we must keep proclaiming the truth for those "who have ears."
Some of them will be saved. Run your race...endure to the end.

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