March 20, 2010

Spiritual Multitasking

What are the correct priorities? I use to say it was God, wife, kids, job, and whatever else…in that order. I stopped saying this and now take a slightly different slant. God still comes first (absolutely) but in a slightly different way. He comes first every time but isn’t always the main focus. I don’t know about you but I can only retain one major thought at a time in this melon of mine. When I am doing something like helping my wife, helping becomes my main priority. Am I putting God second? By no means! When I perform what is my main priority, I do what I do, say what I say and think what I think through the eyes of Christ.

When I am doing a task, it is to glorify God first and I focus on the given task with all my energy. It is done in a way so that others will acknowledge or at least think it was done well or that it was done with veracity so that an observer will not question the character of the person who did it. If they do question, it is to find out what drives the person that performed the task. When I do my job, I do it to the best of my ability not because I want the accolades but because I want people to think the person that did them had integrity, a good work ethic, and that I was a good representative of The Body of which I am a part. Performing a task in a way that best glorifies the Lord is an act of worship and reverence.

It is possible to bring glory to God and honor your wife at the same time. Honoring a righteous wife in a biblical manner is obedience to the Word which also honors God. It is what I would call spiritual multi-tasking. Simultaneously working to the glory of the Lord while performing the task for my loved-ones or while breaking a sweat on my brow. One serves the other. Since God is the primary motivation things will work out for the better. I try to preface my actions with the thought: “What is the best way to perform this task to stay in line with the will of God and bring honor to my wife or kids in the process”? It is a sensible approach to getting things done in a Godly manner every time no matter how it ends up. It just takes some forethought and a heart for God.

I try to wrap my task with the presence of God, He overshadows my every move. When I don’t approach it this way not only do I not bring honor to God I also blow it with my wife because it looks like I did things for selfish reasons. When I do it for God and others I do it with a servant’s heart.

My priorities now look somewhat like this:
1. God
2. God-wife-God
3. God-kids-God
4. God-job-God

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