June 10, 2010

Examining The Scriptures XXIII: Rank Insubordination

Korah of the Levites leads a rebellion accusing Moses of being the cause or the source of their misfortunes. We know that there was probably dissension fermenting “within the ranks” because it wasn’t just Korah but 250 men of renown. During this rebellion they had the audacity to proclaim that they were in a right relationship with God when overtly rebelling against his commands (Williams, Westbrook 327).

Korah’s public complaint was that Moses and Aaron were unfairly “running things” and not allowing the input of the people. He wanted a more democratic approach when it is clear that God is setting up a Theocratic approach. The real reason he rebelled though it because he wanted the Levites and himself to have the same privileges as Moses and Aaron (Wiersbe 338). He didn’t want to be an “also ran”, his ego and lack of humbleness gained control of his brain and mouth. His ego got the better of him. He should've zipped it. Instead his gums started flapping and it buried him. Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth an remove any doubt about it. Moses reaction to this is to approach God humbly with intercession on behalf of the people pleading for mercy because of Korah’s arrogance. Praising God's judgment rather than questioning it. By questioning and attacking Moses, Korah questioned and attacked God. It is sort of a paradox. The undeserving men demands power arrogantly and the humble is given the power. It is a case of “the meek inheriting the earth”.

Regardless, this is rank insubordination and defiance against God because to ignore one of God’s commands is to ignore God and as we learned from the last last few episodes of disobedience by Israel; our God is a jealous God. He will not share his power and authority with another. This in God’s scheme of things is unacceptable and quite frankly punishable by death. God being a righteous and just Judge proceeds to kill them by having the ground “swallow” them.

To truly grasp how degenerate the “congregation of the sons of Israel” mind’s had become they actually continued to grovel even after they saw God’s direct hand in Korah and his entourage’s judgment. It is amazing how deranged a mind can become when it is controlled by sin. They of course are summarily consumed by a plague and 14,700 died besides those in Korah’s rebellion.

Wiersbe, Warren W. "Crisis At Kadesh." The Bible Exposition Commentary: Old Testament Genesis-Deuteronomy (The Pentateuch) (Bible Exposition Commentary). Acambaro: Victor, 2001. 338. Print.

Williams, William C, Westbrook, April. "Chapter 8: Through The Vast And Dreadful Desert." They Spoke from God: A Survey of the Old Testament. Springfield: Logion Press/Gospel Pub. House, 2003. 327. Print.

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