October 12, 2010

Transhumanism...Smells Like Gasoline

Welcome to brave new world. We are now entering a new realm where man has the technology and the means to integrate with the technology they create. We have entered a realm that is a slippery slope and lines begin to blur. The question is not "how far will man go?" Man left to his own devices will pursue sin and reprobate thoughts until the cows come home. They are not so much the issue. You are. How far are you willing to allow them to go? How far will you allow the technology to infiltrate and directly affect your life. Designer babies? Implants? Augments?

Transhumanism is a set of ideas which represents a world view to improve the human condition. They support critical thinking in the development of sciences and technologies to extend the human lifespan, eradicate aging, solve problems of disease, and encourage and enhance intellectual, creative, physical and mental well-being. In this regard, it is essential to be aware of the possible dangers that lie ahead. The examination of potential dangers affect not only transhumanist, but the entire world. The use of technologies and biotechnology must be looked at with a critical and ethical observation (1).

Transhumanism can be said to stem, in part, from humanism. "Humanism is a "philosophical system of thought that focuses on human value, thought, and actions. Humans are considered basically good and rationale creatures who can improve themselves and others through natural human abilities of reason and action.

Many scientists that adhere to evolutionary science (which is most of the them) see transhumanism as just the next logical step for advancement of man. As believers we can already see from these descriptions the build-in stumbling blocks for its failure. People are not basically good, they are sinful. As such they are worthy of the death put on them by the curse. Transhumanists actually toy with words like immortalism. As if man could override God's mandate. What is worse is evolution is not compatible with Christian doctrine and because of this Christians need to very closely scrutinize this no phase of humanity. I personally do not see transhumanism as an evolutionary step as I see it as an evilutionary step. We are not moving on to the newest form of human has a higher life form but rather moving backwards and taking away from God's creation. We moving to more sinful uses of science. How many animals and people do we continue to sacrifice in the name of science to perfect bioimplants. How many animals get tortured to gain single bits of data to tell us whether or not an implant will be detrimental to humans? This is the area we enter when we talk about stem cell research. Science claims the only place we can get the proper stem cells is from aborted fetuses. Japanese scientists have already proven this is a fallacy since we can get them...from our own teeth!

This is not evolution of humankind. It is devolution. Humans are now adapting to regression of morals and ethics. It is a step backwards to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. Personally, I find it reprehensible that so many are willing to become Borg-ian (as in Borg from Star Trek). We are already starting off on the wrong foot with this when we claim it is for the overall advancement of mostly good people when the Bible is very clear on why we are not "mostly good people" and why we die to begin with. We are turning Biblical thought processes and doctrine on their head when we pursue something less than God's "very good" creation thinking we can improve on it. We are trying to be like God. I imagine some of these science types...believe the are gods of some sort. I say we are now flirting with technologies we understand little about and only disaster can lay down that road. Its like giving a man a match to light a pitch black room that smells of gasoline.

Go do your homework and read up on this. It is already effecting you more than you realize or probably wished it did. It has become as big an ethical minefield as the genetics/cloning issues and that issue doesn't look like its going away any time soon either.

How much is too much and do you really think that man has the ability in him to make the right decision once we start down this path? Will man know how to restrain himself. If history has been any indicator, especially in light of the genetics arguments...we are in trouble. What if it is your terminally ill child that needs a morally questionable augment to survive? Your wife? Your husband? Are you prepared to say no if it violates the moral precepts and implications outlined in the Bible? This won't be the Six Million Dollar Man or the Bionic Woman. It'll be your kids or your spouse. There are legitimate uses of technology but what are they and when do they get used? When is it acceptable to augment? Amputations? When does man stop being man? Do you make the decision? Do corporations? Do we allow atheistic scientists that do not even believe in your God (or any god for that matter)?

Just a few thoughts that have been going through my head about this topic.

(1) "Transhumanist FAQ." Transhumanism's Extropy Institute - Transhumanism for a better future. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2010.

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