April 26, 2013

Catching Fire

Whoa! The resistance just from the introduction of my thesis on Christianity and Homosexuality is staggering. I have posted back links to so-called Christian groups on Facebook and my posts are getting censored, pulled or I am getting openly rebuked for being divisive and un-Christian ??? These people do not understand their Bible and are taking a side against the Lord. I am stunned by the vitriol and viciousness of some of the attacks on just my introduction from "fellow Christians". I am cautious about the coming posts. Something makes me believe I am in for a bumpy ride on this series. I'm being hammered before I even present my Biblical argument. It's as if no one wants to hear this.

The system of the world and the powers and principalities in this world have a serious upper-hand right now. I feel like I'm cutting against the grain and fighting the tide on this one.Sorry folks, I'm seeing this through, think what you will. The more people fight me on this the more I am determined to post this stuff. It's biblical and it is air-tight in its reasoning and polemic. If you want fluffy feel-good half truths that tickle ears you'll need to either go somewhere else or tune me out for about the next month.

If you don't want to hear it or read it, unfriend me or cancel your subscription to SoulJournaler. The venom in the attacks from 'Christians' is baffling (but expected). They persecuted my Lord, I can expect no less when I go against the cultural expectations and those that have been given over to it.

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