September 8, 2013

Peculiar Patents II: Sound Muffler for Covering the Mouth

The Sound Muffler for Covering the Mouth
(Patent no. 4,834,212)

Call it a gag for impulsive people. I will note that it also looks like a hard-walled barf bag or an feed bucket for a horse. As for the need for the muffler...I have always been told that keeping it in is not good for you. So here we have a insulated tube for screaming into.

This amazing little patent will allow you to scream and rant in work or public venue without looking totally insane. Eh...well  not totally. Okay, someone screaming into a cup looks pretty messed up. The cup will also allow you to measure the volume of your hollering in decibels. This meter will aid you in your varying levels of rage and psychotic behavior that probably should've been addressed long before you bought this goofy contraption.

I guess the concept of biting one's tongue or controlling anger never came to the fore previous to inventing this contraption? I wonder if the screams in this thing can be stored up in bottles like Monster's, Inc. and sold as energy? Wouldn't that be a novel idea? The inventor can then us Pixar characters like James P. Sullivan (Sulley), Mike Wazowski and Randall Boggs to help market the “Scream Machine”.

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