September 3, 2014

One Million Clay Jars

My blog has recently reached a milestone I never imagined it would. It has turned the page counter over 1 million page views. The word "surprised" really isn't really a good word to describe how I feel about it. Humbled is probably more appropriate. I imagine many are return readers but many are new to the blog. One and all are a blessing to me for having visited. The blog was literally started in the library at my college while I was waiting for an evening New Testament class (thanks Pete). 

At first I didn’t know what direction the blog would go in 2010 but early on it seemed to take on a life of its own. It was geared towards a deeper personal relationship with God and a deeper understanding of Scripture. It was also a philosophical journey and a roundabout dance with reasoning, human rationale, logic and theology. At the base of most of my posts is the Gospel, Scripture and mankind. In these ideas and entities reside holiness, sin, redemption, repentance and salvation. They all revolve around One. That One is Christ Jesus. In the four years since it was started I have never strayed from this and it has been reflected in ever-increasing traffics to my site. On average there have been about 50,000 hits per month over the last six months. I have given of myself in these posts over the last four years and the Lord has returned it back to me encouraging me to go even farther. 

The harvest and yield increases monthly. Not only have I been graced with a million visits from you good people,  I have also found myself among people I never imagined I’d be among. Some of the visitors and members of organizations that have dropped by or commented are from RZIM (Ravi Zacharias Ministries), The Master's Seminary, Valley Forge University, Biola University, Liberty University, and Eastern University to name a few. This doesn't even skim the surface of the hundreds of blogs and apologetic websites that I have had the privilege of interacting with over four years. 

All are men and women I respect, appreciate and love as brothers and sister. Among them teachers, exhorters, administrators and many other gifts. All working towards propagating the Kingdom of God. As we look towards two million views I just want to stop and say thank you to all who have stopped and taken he time to read the ramblings of a God-fearing soul who desperately searches and fearfully exegetes the Scripture for God’s truth. Mostly so I will better understand my God but also that I will have something interesting to say to those who will have ears to hear. I pray that God blesses the next thousand posts and the next million people.

I am humbled. The journey continues.

Blessings One and All,

Andy Pierson

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