September 4, 2014

The Victoria Osteen Triple Facepalm Moment

Okay, let’s cut to the chase on this one. Happiness and smiles makes everything better. Your happiness and pleasure is more important than God's.

[Insert sound of pin hitting floor here]

Actually, no, that's wrong.

Even the "everything goes" postmodernists who will say that everyone's opinions are true know that this is completely wrong. The completely chaotic secular world is mocking this on the internet, and rightfully so. This of course says a load about the lunacy of Victoria Osteen's comment. Interestingly, it also says quite a bit about the natural (unbelieving) person's ability to understand the truth of God through general revelation (what can be intuitively known from the Creation) even though many will deny God's existence outright.

Frankly, I'm tired of tiptoeing through a minefield on this stuff. This is especially true when it comes to avoiding the Osteen, Copeland, and Benedictus (Benny) Hinn conversations. Let’s just run through the minefield with big floppy clown shoes on, shall we? The Osteens and those of their ilk do the same things to people spiritually, that ISIS does to people physically. There is no difference. Yes, I'm serious...serious as a heart attack on this one. These type of people are trifling with deeply seated emotional and spiritual issues and putting people's potential salvation at risk. 

Triple Facepalm
When A Double Facepalm Just Can't
Properly Convey The Magnitude of FAIL

When the shallow platitudes or banalities of these “entertainers” are not big enough to cover the suffering of the sick or loss of a family member…it murders a person’s Faith. People sitting on the verge of accepting Christ may walk away in these situations because they believe they were not thinking positive enough, praying enough, believing enough or speaking blessings and good fortune into existence enough. In the end, it becomes a spiritual and emotional massacre for those that trust in the empty words of spiritual motivational speakers. The Bible has a name for these people, they are called false teachers and false prophets. They are also called wolves, demonic and even anti-christs.

One of the philosophical ideologies above can kill a person’s soul (prosperity preaching) and the other kills a body (lunatic Muslims). One does it with a smile the other with a sneer. Which ideology is more dangerous? Both cause a death. Both are the same. Both are wicked. Neither of these are acceptable whether they be intentional or not. I rebuke both for their lack of love, compassion and empathy. Sometimes the satanic things are more palatable served to you with a smile. It is clear normal people are repulsed when they see an ISIS atrocity in the form of a beheading. Sadly, many folks including Christians turn a blind eye, smirk or dismiss as harmless something that might be infinitely more deadly than ISIS when it comes to people's spirituality and salvation.

This is unacceptable. It is also unbiblical.

If you want a serious commentary on this atrocious video, I recommend Al Mohler's blog. I've posted a link below. He seems to have captured the facts and the horrible feel of this travesty very well...and he did so with biblical and theological accuracy...unlike the aforementioned people in this post.

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Anonymous said...

Happiness comes from aligning oneself with the doctrine of God, which develops a personal sense of destiny. Doctrine which I need to metabolize more of for my personal frame of reference since I seem to use up my resources alot these days. (grin)

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