November 7, 2014

Post Rock V: Hammock-Departure Songs

Hammock have a large catalog filled with a wide spectrum of post-rock and ambient music but Departure Songs is by far my favorite. There is a mild oppressiveness mixed in this album and it is also saturated with love. Most would see this as being melancholy but they are missing the beauty for the pain. As a Christian would say they are missing the joy in the suffering. These themes are nowhere more exemplified than on tracks like Together Alone and (Let’s Kiss) While All the Stars Are Falling Down. Although slow and depressive…I could see people dancing to Together Alone (albeit very slowly). This could also be considered Sunday driving music. I could see this music as the backdrop for driving but not knowing where you are going but end up at home at the end of the day.

It starts off with a cheerful ambient vibe but quickly changes moods and progresses into something far more painful. I suggest that some of this music might even cause confusion with listeners by having both uplifting and depressing themes. These should not be alien to the Christian though at that is exactly why this album endears itself to me. Perhaps you too?

Here is a fan created video for Glossolalia from Departure Songs. Yes, I picked this song and video on purpose because of the name which is 
γλωσσολαλία in Greek and means "tongues"

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