June 8, 2015

Spiritual Rip Van Winkles

The powers and principalities of this world are not waging war on the battlefields of the past, they’re waging war where the believer draws water from the well. I believe many are looking for the Devil in the wrong places. He has clearly taken up a fight more vehemently than ever against the source of God's revelation about Himself. The Devil, by discrediting Scripture sends culture and society into an unmoored moral and ethical tailspin.

Satan has taken the war to God and is attacking Scripture itself with a vengence. One would need to be blind and in denial to miss this...but I believe many are. Attacking God...just as he did since the Garden. Did God really say? Is the Bible really God's word? Is the Bible really God's final word on all things salvational? Is the Bible really inerrant? Who could possibly believe a book written by goat and sheep herders could accurate? How can a book written by mere mortal men be God's word? 

The Bible is a book of myths and moral stories to help us live better lives but it is only literature. 

Sound familiar?

He doesn’t need to attack many people because many (not all) have already divorced themselves from the Word. How many times have you heard it said recently right within the Church? “Oh yes, I believe the Bible is true but it has contradictions,” or "Some of it's [the Bible] true but I don’t believe all of it.” We should be aware, the battle is much larger than us. If not, we might end up spending so much time preparing for the war that we miss the battle we are called to fight.

Many (not all) believers are being lulled to sleep due to a lack of direct opposition from Satan. Yes, there are those in Islamic lands being killed by the likes of ISIS but in America, things are pretty much an uninhibited cakewalk. Satan is indirectly our enemy here. He is first an enemy of the Cross. He is subverting much of the Church by confusion and chaos. Subverting evangelicalism by forcing poor rationale and reasoning on an unsuspecting people...and they eat it up. Gay is okay because its harmless. Abortion is okay because its a woman's right to chose (never mind the child doesn't get a choice at all). In the end bad logic is bad reasoning. False reasoning is chaotic thought. In my opinion, chaotic thought is demonic.

The Church is (through silence) allowing academic intellectualism to redefine reality until reality has no meaning. They are redefining the definitions of right and wrong. Redefining what is considered marriage. Redefining what is considered sexual immorality. Redefining when life begins and when it ends in the abortion debate. Sadly, when the Church is not silent, it ends up on the wrong side of the argument/debate.

Spiritual vigilance is the attendant of the true Christian. Because of this I believe the increasing persecutions will benefit the Church. We need to burn off the dross and corrosive fungus that has begun to grow on old stale complacencies, apathies and arrogances.

We have become a spiritual Rip Van Winkle and when we awake we are going to find ourselves facing a battle we will either not be prepared to fight or trained improperly for the one we need to fight. Why? I already told you...most have departed from a correct understanding of Scripture and have no firm foundation to set their mortar for battle.

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