June 28, 2015

The Constitutional and Political Ramifications of Obergefell v. Hodges

Ramification #1:

As I said in quite a few Facebook posts...marriage and equality had nothing to do with the Federal Court’s interest in same-sex marriage. How two people relate to one another is none of the Fed's business. A government interest is limited to the heterosexual union because it is the only union that produces constituents. Each of us without exception exists through some form of a heterosexual union. Same-sex relationships do not produce offspring. In any free and functioning society, there is a government interest in encouraging as much procreation as possible. Its called a tax base or taxpayer. Without some form of heterosexuality even if it is only sperm and an egg, there is no reproduction of taxpayers. If we are to be logically consistent we need to take the reasoning down to this level. Yes, surrogates and/or adoption can be used to created gay families but where do we suppose those children come from? From under rocks?

Ramification #2:

Same-sex marriage is only the beginning of philosophical demands for State (meaning Feds) recognition and approval of many other types of relationships. Others include polygamy, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, pederasty, etc. This will mark the sudden beginning of an even more sudden end for same-sex marriage. They will no longer be the judicial and cultural darlings of the media.

Ramification #3:

A move to force equality nearly always leads to inequality for someone else. There’s a movement that we are already seeing on Facebook and lunatic conspiracy sites that are calling for state laws that call for the abolition of marriage to undermine the Federal ruling. If same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, it will set the precedent for abolishing marriage to avoid the need to perform same-sex marriage. Its called cutting one's nose off to spite one's face.

Far from getting the state out of the marriage business, it will invite the state to regulate all familial relationships, particularly those with children. Once the state doesn’t have to recognize your marriage, it is free to treat your spouse and children as strangers to you. Children become wards of the state. Tax codes change to penalize those that do not follow the cultural trend(s).

Ramification #4:

This thought adds to thought #3. The issue of Federal intrusion runs even deeper. We have now just invited the Federal government directly into our bedrooms (homes) and set a precedence through Federal law to allow Federal judges to intervene directly into our personal affairs. This Supreme Court ruling was never about homosexuality or marriage for the Fed court themselves (it was only about those issues for the pro-gay lobby and Christians). At a litigious or legal level it was about what "constitutes" or defines a "civil" right. That definition has just been changed. I've always said this was about postmodern deconstructing of language as are most Supreme Court rulings. The 10th Amendment has literally been undermined now. Everyone jumped on board because of the calls for "equality" and "justice" which I sort of understand. But to what end?

Ramification #5:

The Constitution has been undercut through legal precedence in the highest court in the land on June 26th, 2015. People's antipathy of religious faiths that opposed same-sex marriage literally blinded them to their own detriment. In an effort to kill a snake under their boot (religious resistance to same-sex marriage) they shot straight though their own foot to kill it. This was and always had been about Federal Government overreach as any State Government will tell you. Even the conservative justices didn't tell you this because in the end, this ruling benefits them too by extending their power at the Federal level. The Feds just usurped an enormous amount of power from the states and the individual constituent. This ruling now expands IRS practices and will massively allow the intrusive power of government directly into people's lives though precedents. Couldn't see the forest for the trees could we? It was right in front of everyone the whole time and no one could see it. Gay marriage is not the issue here, freedom of religion, thought, conscience and speech is.

Ramification #6:

Transgenderism, transsexualism and further gender confusion has now become part of this due to timing and cultural paradigm shift. Americans have not thought through the implications of same-sex marriage and how it is logically a big step (through the slippery slope) to erasing all sexual and gender distinctions in a system run by Positive Law. Everything including gender becomes morally relative. If we become legally sexless, the implications to families and definitions of family will be profound. There will be no more families because they will be impossible to define even for tax reasons. There’s already a push to eliminate sex identification at birth, which could mean removing sex distinctions on birth certificates. Some states have already moved towards “gender-less” restrooms under the guise of being non-discriminatory. This will seem logical because all gender identity non-discrimination laws already presume that everybody’s sex is something arbitrarily “assigned” to them at birth (Example: Bruce Jenner).

Ramification #7

Because of the blatant and major erosion of the 10th Amendment it will be open season for licensing or direct control of parents just like we’ve seen the government hand in school lunches, etc. Due to the possibility of infringement on the 10th Amendment and the abolition of sex distinctions and civil marriage we allow the Feds to gain control over deciding family decisions. What happens in court issues of of maternity or paternity if we go gender-less? It is the cultural understanding that children “belong” to communities (the State), not families. Anybody remember Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes A Village? She was dead serious about what she wrote in the book. Many others are on board with her line of thinking also. This ruling inevitably makes children into possessions invariably controlled by the State. For all my Christian missionary friends and Christian activists…this will increase the possibility and prevalence of State sanctioned human trafficking.

Ramification #8

This ruling puts the trajectory of Government onto a head-on collision with the Christian beliefs (and other faiths) and eventual undermining of the 1st Amendment. Please note I didn’t say abolition of the 1st amendment. That will never happen. The courts will just change the meaning of words until the words have no meaning in the Constitution. They’re already doing it now in this ruling. Catholic charities are closing some of their adoption services where same-sex marriage laws pressure them to reject their church’s teachings about marriage and family. Funding for Christian schools and colleges that refuse to get on board with the new pro-gay rulings will find themselves without funding or as the Solicitor General said in the preceding arguments leading up to the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, funding to Christian schools will become “an issue”. Additionally, as we have already seen with Christian bakeries...owners of businesses that serve the wedding industry are being forced to either scrap their consciences or shut their doors. Anti-discrimination lawsuits against churches that don’t perform same-sex marriages will undoubtedly be forthcoming.

Ramification #9:

If you think the bullying of business and churches is bad now….it most assuredly will escalate. As there is no longer a Christian majority to stand in the gaps and protect the little man. Anti-Christian belief has now been institutionalized. Expressing an opinion against institutionalized norms will solicit the wrath of the institution itself (Government) through legal means. It’s called hate speech, hate crimes, etc. Based on a statement by Justice Kennedy himself about the same-sex marriage ruling… any opposition to same-sex marriage was tantamount to animus or open hostility (violence). In other words, just saying the words in church will be considered hate crime.

Ramification #10:

It is my personal belief this is to be universal and worldwide. The United States of America is the trendsetter worldwide. The United States is already punishing countries and threatening to cut off aid if they don’t accept the LGBT agenda. This is imperialism at its worst and its being foisted right on the American people who disagree with the SCOTUS decision. Those that disagree are primarily Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

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