December 31, 2015

A Commentary On Islamic Propoganda

My Muslim neighbours taught me the Great Big Muslim Lie

By Rich A Rosendahl -  December 19, 2015

Since 9/11 the world has changed and many of us along with it. Like most Americans I remember where I was, who I was with, and the raw emotions that seemed to pour from my soul as the towers fell. I also remember how those events gave birth to what may be the biggest and most dangerous lie of this generation and one that I once believed. The lie that says Muslims are our enemy. {Read Full Article Here}

I read this article given to me by a friend. Whether the author realizes it or not it is the product of an ecumenical push to see Islam accepted as peaceful and having studied Islam for the better part of a year I cannot let this post slide on this website without comment. You will need to go back and read the author's article first then read my commentary for my commentary to make sense. We need to determine what the enemy is before we can come to terms with it. This article is not helpful for doing that. 

Furthermore I have a 16 page paper concisely and accurately outlining what I learned from studying Islamic holy writing. The end result is damning for Islam. I'll give a copy to any that wish to read it via Facebook. Some people might need to friend me first to get it. I have no intent to publish it here because it will only solicit aggressive denunciations from those that have already bought into the deceptive ecumenicalism being propagated by not only an agenda driven media and al-Taqiyya influenced Islam but it is also being pushed by the non-discerning right within the Christian faith. Having said this...I present the commentary on the article.

A distinction needs to be made when we say Muslim just as we say Christian. There are self-described Christians/Muslims that often are not really Muslim based on the tenets of the true faith …and then there are true Muslims. As a true Christian will show the fruits of their faith in their actions, so too a Muslim. The former (self-described peaceful Muslims) are Kafir and considered infidel by true adherents of the true tenets outlined in the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira. The former are essentially Meccan Muslims and the latter Medinan (the inherently aggressive ones that adhere tightly to Islamic holy writ). The Medinan are closer and more accurate adherents to the Islamic holy writings and condescend all others. In theory Meccan Muslims are not Muslims. In terms of authority Meccan Muslims are essentially a caste below Medinan and are viewed as dogs and marginal Muslims at best.

The man/friend described as Mohamed in this article is either disillusioned by his religion, deceived by it or he is practicing al-Taqiyya until his belief system/political system (Sharia) gains equilibrium or trumps the socio-cultural norm he is living in. If he is not trying to convert all to Islam, and submitting to Sharia…he is not true Muslim based on the Qur'an and the Muhammadan example in the Hadith/Sira. There is no wiggle room in Islamic writing that I can find. The end result of one’s religious philosophy dictates one’s eventual actions. What we believe we think and what we think we act on. In Jesus' own words, it is not that which comes from without that corrupts a man, it is what comes from within. What we believe we act on and furthermore…what we believe we pass on to our children through our behaviors even if we don’t mean to. 

A peaceful disposition is not the end result of Sharia nor a mandate to convert all to Sharia which demands that people either convert, submit or be executed. So to say terrorism is the impact of a tiny majority is a misconstruction of the argument. Like Christians there are many that will walk the path to destruction and few who will find the gate. So too true Muslims. The principle behind this biblical statement holds true for Muslims. It’s telling us that the more demanding the tenets the fewer are those that can actually live up the demands of the true belief system. Christianity has Christ but Islam is a religion of works that is under-girded with pronounced violence. What options does a true Muslim have for salvation in their faith other than strict obedience or violence though jihad that litters their holy writ? I posit very little.

As for the Muslim’s prayers in this article…their prayers are tantamount to worthlessness for a Christian. A Christian realizes that a Muslim’s prayers are to an idol…probably a demon. There are no vacuums in the spiritual world. You either pray to the Lord or the demonic.

As for the visits to Muslim countries he does not state why he went other than missionary work. I suspect he might have been exposed to people predisposed to a friendliness to his faith and belief system to begin with. I also suspect (like Christians) many Muslims are fair-weather Muslims that are not commited to true Islam except for immediate political or economic gain. 

Please note I am always careful to denote and differentiate true adherents and fair-weather adherents. Once we enter into the "wishy-washy realm" or COEXIST and Interfaithism we enter a nebulous area of ecumenicalism that says all religions worship the same God under different names . We see this when we hear people say that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all Abrahamic faiths. This is pure tripe and any Christian (or Jew) will tell you the same. It is New Age Interfaithism that believes we can all live under one universal religious spiritual umbrella. It is a philosophy that says we can massage core tenets and make them the same or compatible. Even many liberal Christians and politicians are starting to realize and understand this just isn’t true…it’s a pipe dream and pie-in-the-sky. Man is inherently depraved and incapable of good short of Christ. You cannot convert and acclimatize true Islam (or Judaism for the matter) without the Gospel itself. Islam is too confrontational and aggressive by its very nature otherwise.

Finally I state this…the propaganda has completely inverted the truth of the situation and the Christian author of this article has foolishly bought into the misinformation 100%. The violent aspects of Islam are not the “outliers” as he stated. They are the outcome of the true philosophies of the Qur’an, Hadith and Siran tenets. The “outliers”, religious anomalies or deviations from the “norm” of Islamic holy writing and a Muhammadian worldview are those that are peaceful. Violence is the pattern and norm of Islam and has been wherever Islam has been dominant since its inception in the 7th century under its Islamic warlord Muhammad. Islam’s historical precedent has seen its philosophy spread at the point of a sword through its political arm…not the religious arm. Never forget Islam is dualistic as are its motives.

The author states that he hopes all tune out the political rhetoric but in truth it is the political arm of Islam that is the violent arm and every time we see violence it is an arm on an Islamic body that is…still the same body. It is disingenuous and it is still Islam…just a different appendage of it. 

Sadly, mostly what I read in this article is how the author feels and very little about the truth of what Islam's own holy writings say (or the Christian Bible for that matter). There is a lot of room to wiggle in ecumenicalism in-between these two philosophical gaps. As a matter of fact there is so much room we could include a majority of the other world religions also. 

That my friends is Universalism. 

Trying to find the commonalities in a religion is useful when applying Christian apologetics but the goal of apologetics is to sway people though logic and truth to your belief not merge your faith with theirs.

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