December 23, 2015

Divinity In Human Skin

In the very first speechless moments new parents gaze with fascination at the tiny ball wrapped in swaddling. They lovingly examine every inch of their newborn child's face. What we realize a parents is that nothing, and I mean nothing prepares us for the instant that we realize that this child is a miracle and the product of a blessed and sacred union. New birth astounds us. Here, tucked securely in our arms, is a brand-new member of the human race. Here is the future in flesh and a legacy we leave for the world long after our departing hour. Mostly I thanked God for the gift of their life.

So how much more miraculous is it when we think about birth this time of year and realize that God Himself descended from His throne and took on the form of a servant? He humbled Himself to take on the attribute of flesh and give his life as atonement for our failures in sin. He became human and lived His life as an example…He gave His life as a gift to all who would accept it. Furthermore He would arrive as a doomed and defenseless child. A doomed man destined to suffer even after surviving death threats His entire life. He would die at the exact moment decreed not by men but by God Himself….and not a moment sooner. 

I sit in awe and wonder of the fact that His divinity would fit in human skin and then I realize that it is His humility that allowed that fact and only that fact would allow it. It is the idea that in God’s economy, up is down and down is up. Less is more. Those the weep are blessed and God exalts those that lower themselves by choice. The last will be first and the first will be last. Then I rest my head and I fall asleep soundly…like a child held in the arms of a loving parent because I know that I am securely held like divinity wrapped in swaddling. I know that my well-being is assured.

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