December 18, 2010

Book Review: According To Plan by Graeme Goldsworthy

If anyone wants a holistic and/or comprehensive picture of the entire scope of the Bible and all the little nuances that tie the Bible together it doesn't get any simpler or more compact than this book. It explains how all the aspects of the Biblical narrative fit together (verbal plenary inspiration) right from the overlying ideas starting with the Fall of Adam and Eve to Christ and then to us today as believers. It goes through the protoevangelium and how the emnity between the seed of the woman and the snake (Satan) and how humankind has worked ever since to try to get back into a correct relationship with God. Humans have tried but with failed results...until Christ and the fulfillment of God's plan to redeem is beloved creation made in His image.

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel" ~Genesis 3:15

It also goes through the covenants Noah, Abraham, Moses (Law), David and the new covenant with Christ. It breaks them down in detail and shows the continuity through Scripture or the common thread (Christ). All roads of the Old Testament converge on Jesus and a roads leading out from the New Testament diverge outward from Him. It talks about how man is incapable of seeking out God himself because man's natural state is sinful and unholy and to seek God is contrary to that. It is only by God's sovereign grace and election that we can be saved. If there are any question marks about the Old Testament's general context and how it points ahead to the coming of Christ, they are answered here. I have read quite a few books that fly over the Bible at about 5000 ft and this by far is the best. It was part of my Biblical Theology curriculum and it was worth twice the $16 dollars I spent for it.

This should be required reading for any Church or Body member that is short in the theological/historical aspects of their Faith. I also recommend this book for anyone that wants a better understanding of why the Bible is laid out the way it is and why the Bible unfolds the way it does. It does a great job of revealing intelligently how God revealed Himself to man. Do not be fooled by its boring and monochrome cover. This thing is busting its binding with solid theology and in depth explanations and clocks in at just under 250 pages. You do not need a doctorate in theology to be able to take a load of good information away with you from this text. High recommended.

The only reason I would not give this 100 out of a 100 is its detail is not necessarily because of the book itself or the writer but because of the shortcoming of certain potential readers. To be able to grasp everything in this book you should have at least a comprehensive understanding of the layout of the Bible and understand some of the more important Biblical concepts because without them it might be a little confusing. I cannot recommend this to someone who has never read at least some of the Bible. If a person has read some it is preferably that it was some of the Gospels and section on the Sinai covenant given to Moses (i.e.: The Law).

Rating: 95 of 100

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