December 21, 2010

Painful Irony

I apologize for the intermixing of Holocaust pictures and images alluding to sinful humanity with the joyous and uplifting pictures of Christmas and the birth of Christ. But perhaps this is no accident? I often write posts in advance and then archive them...waiting to publish them. I currently have a backlog of around 30 posts in draft. It just so happens that my series on evil is coinciding with Christmas.

As I look at my own blog and the way the posts are intertwined-I see the stark contrast between humanity and holiness. I see the gap between divinity and depravity. Between cracked pots and Christ. Then I give a somber head nod towards the bleak and painful irony and decide to post my posts on evil right before Christmas anyway. Buchenwald's ovens and all. Why? Is it because I like to rain on peoples parade? No, it isn't. I do it because we must never forget that we are only a few bad decisions away from sin that is no less or no greater than the images of the ovens in the previous post. Do we really suppose that God views a "lesser" human sin any more favorably then an atrocious human sin like those committed in extermination camps like Auschwitz or Treblinka? Are we that delusional that we cannot see that it is the one sin, one single small "insignificant", "innocent" and so-called "victimless" sin that ushered in all the other vile and diabolic ones throughout history?

Why did Jesus come? Was it because there were no incidents like the Holocaust before or after Jesus' time? I believe it is for things like the evil I mention in my series on Evil and Suffering and horrendous episodes in history like the concentration camps that required Jesus come. It was also the man that cheated on his wife. The girl that aborted a child at 2 months when she was 17 years old because it would've been a burden to her life. It was the child that cursed his parents behind their back. It was the neighbor leering venomously at his neighbor because of perceived injustices. It is the guy that cut you off in traffic that you want to slam into with your car for being so ignorant. It was that last perverted lustful glance at a man or woman half your age...and you're married. That kid you punched in the 4th grade. That time you lied, deceived someone or were being outright idiotic and in violation of your own conscience even though no one saw what you did. It is for all these things and many more that Jesus came.

No, I do not believe the twisting of these two threads concurrently on SoulJournaler are an accident. I did not mean them to be a psychological kick in the head or shock therapy nor did I do them on purpose this way...but they are by no means accidental looking at it in hindsight.

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