March 11, 2011

Book Review: Seven Men Who Rule The World From The Grave - Dave Breese

These seven men have more control over your life dead than many today that are still alive. If you want to understand why western society is such a convoluted mess this book is a good place to start. It is a comprehensive biography and explanation of how these men successfully introduced unbiblical paradigm shifts in man's thinking and they have been perverting humanity's thinking processes since their introduction. The writing style is crisp and concise. Each chapter explains the idea and the damage these ideas have caused to mankind's thinking and souls.

The ideas and damage of Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are obvious but this book goes into more obscure names and ideas that have done just as much damage but are not on the tips of peoples tongues and do not always come to mind when you think of messed up, watered-down thinking. Three of these are as follows:

John Dewey who helped integrate schools for our children into a socialist pattern where the children as wards of the State either attend State mandated eduction or are removed from the household. He was also a secular humanist and was one of the original signers of the Humanist Manifesto of 1933. He is also now considered the epitome of liberalism. He believed that revealed truth does not exist and that anything that can be called truth must be determined experimentally. He was a pluralist and he was a methodological naturalist. If there is anything he wasn' was Christian. Not surprisingly he was directly inspired by Darwin and Hegel.

John Maynard Keynes boiled down to his constituent beliefs was pretty much a believer in anti-Christian economics (Keynesian Economics) and his theories are currently being implemented (wittingly or unwittingly) on a Federal scale by the current administration...and are failing miserably. It has turned the government into an economic manager with broad, open-ended powers (i.e.: The Government will come to your rescue, the Gov't is God...sound familiar?). Accordingly, to Keynes, Christianity represented "tradition, convention and hocus pocus."

Julius Wellhausen is one of many liberal theologians that posited or believe that Scripture is either not divinely inspired or not inerrant. What is worse is his premise for his theories is based in the idea that there are either contradictions or inconsistencies in the biblical text. The man probably shouldn't be considered a theologian nor a Christian because of his apostate beliefs.

Regardless, this book is filled with very important ideas that must be understood by every Christian as flawed and unbiblical and the people that were behind them.

Rating: 90 False Teachers out of 100

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