January 11, 2012

Enraptured With Revelation and Prophecy

Apocalypse - Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις or Apokalypsis: "Lifting The Veil"

Since many are enraptured (pardon the pun) with Daniel/Revelation and the End Times for the wrong reasons I am going to work through these books and clear the waters so-to-speak. Too much of modern culture both in and out of the church focus too intently on the forth-telling/foretelling aspects of these books and not enough on the subject: Jesus Christ. Thereby they miss some of the most important aspects of the books. To much poor or misguided information is floating around the Internet among other places. I see it constantly when I go through a web site or Christian page ranking lists that SoulJournaler is on. More often than not many of the sites around me in the list especially above me in rank are prophecy sites that are either disseminating questionable information or completely misinterpreting the books to procure money, garner popularity (or other questionable motives). Spreading truth doesn't seem to be one of their primary objects. It looks are if they are striving to predict the future and pick dates or drum up anxiety and panic to a fevered pitch. I get quite tired of this misuse of Daniel and Revelation. First and foremost these books are to reveal Jesus Christ as I have said many times before. Secondly, they are to teach readers of about God and His interaction with humanity and His creation.

Please do not expect this to be your standard run-of-the-mill prophecy series shouting and blaring "JESUS IS COMING TOMORROW...QUIT YOUR JOB". If that's what you want to read about, please go to the other sites mentioned, you won't be getting that here because its just not biblical.

Since a lot of Daniel that is related to the End of the Age and Revelation are considered apocalyptic literature and are heavily layered with prophecies, I will be naming the series Apocalypse Prophecy.  Apocalypse in Greek meaning "lifting the veil" and prophecies is self explanatory. Therefore I will be lifting the veil on these prophecies which forth-tell/foretell the future in what is often cryptic apocalyptic language. Apocalyptic language which was a rhetorical form prone to extremes in terms of metaphor, hyperbole and other selective language. Imagery within this form of literature was also prone to extremes in terms of cataclysmic events and things like celestial signs. The reason this type of literature did this was because the audience or people it was often trying to get the attention of were often spiritually dead or desensitized. Just like our day and age. Dead to God and desensitized.

It is promised that God would come back to gather His harvest, it is not our job to now exactly when. It is our job to be prepared and to prepare others so that when He does come he will find us on the road of sanctifcation.

The onset of the Apocalypse Prophecy is looming on the horizon...

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