April 5, 2010

Christ the Valiant

A word that doesn't always get associated with Jesus Christ: Valiant

We often forget that Jesus was begotten/incarnated in flesh and being so was subject to all the fears and pain of being human. He knew He was going to a slaughter as the sacrifice and the fact that it wasn't easy for Him was evident:

"...And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground. ~Luke 22:44

It took prayer to the Father, amazing courage and valiant behavior to walk almost silently to the cross at Golgotha. He didn't do it for Himself either. He was innocent and guilty of no crime. The spotless lamb and the greatest miscarriage of justice in history. Not only did He try to teach petulant children, He was a Father protecting the well-being of His children. The perfect servant leader laying down His life for His sheep.

He was a King that sacrificed His life painfully for His people, Jews and Gentiles alike. We owe Him our praises.

Christ the Valiant

Glorious King, the Truth, Life and the Way
Almighty God, Lord, if it pleases You
Faithful aid to my sanctification
We have not seen Him since the time of His ascension
And soon it will be done…

A peasant’s life of work and toil
Spent in workshops and treading soil
To bring forth humility’s gain
While for Himself only suffering and pain

Masses listened of sweat, torment and blood
Nourished and assured the Divine plan
Unbroken bones fulfilled prophecy
Our faith produces the desired yield
His account spreads far across the land

For He is The Valiant
The Truth of Him equals His fame
Deserving praise and faith
All men shall bow at His name
All knees shall bend at His name

Spending His remaining strength
To carry His own cross to Judean height
He gave His life for
The downtrodden and believer’s right

He Spoke His final words
“It is finished”
Which gave way to a further plan
They buried Him with royal honors full
All of which were earned by this man

To make their hopes high
Like a youthful’s dream
Assuring salvation when we die
Warm as sunlight on Heaven’s streams

Angels & Minstrels will voice praises of Him
Of His Resurrection and His grace
And reverent praise shall always follow Him
When man speaketh out His name

Christ the Valiant

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Darrell Creswell said...

Good Stuff I love it, Christ The Valiant...I could get used to hearing that on a regular basis

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