April 14, 2010

God's Wrath & Judgement

You hear it constantly when people refer to a wrathful God, "The God I believe in would never do that". My response from now on will be, "of course he wouldn't because your god that you're describing doesn't exist". God has a unitary being which means He is perfectly loving and is capable of perfect wrath. All things in equal measure indivisible. People that say that God cannot be wrathful and judgemental aren't thinking logically. It is the same as asking someone, "Is God in Hell?" Most would respond with a resounding ,"No!". If this true, it means there is a place God can't be and would negate His omnipresence. This cannot be possible and still be omnipresent.

So the correct answer would be yes. How is this possible? God's anger and wrath are present in Hell. Obviously His mercy and grace would be in short supply there though. When God smiles on you your cup will overflow. When he turns His back on you, you will be an absolute desolation. I need not belabor the point because it would be more beneficial to read what Jesus said about Hell in the Gospels. If what He says doesn't dissuade you from sinful ways no amount of additional revelation or prophets will change your mind either. Jesus knew first hand what He was talking about when He talked about Hell. His judgement and wrath are there. We would be wise to take his words to heart and obey. If not we will reap the reward of a rebellious life. God will give us up to our perverse pursuits eternally. He has too much respect for His own creation to force them to love Him. He gave us all a choice to freely love. When we go to Hell it is because we chose to love our sinfulness more than Him. Sad.

In addition, if we solely view God's wrath alone without a counterpoint we can quickly be overwhelmed and steamroller by His fierce power and anger. Quite frankly it can get intimidating and scary but we must temper the thought of God's anger with His justice and righteousness. He is perfectly just and righteous also. No one will get punished that doesn't deserve it. He has laid out the plan. We need only obey to stay in His awesome unmerited grace.

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