May 31, 2010

Examining The Scripture XXI: Divine Inspiration

And now...a theological pit stop on Numbers 12:3. What is certain here is that most people agree this is not Mosaic authorship. It is obviously referring to Moses as second party. What is also certain is that all Scripture is, “breathed out (NASB: inspired) by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16) so its inspiration is never in question.

Many will question the validity of the entire Bible because of things like this but we know the end of Deuteronomy does the same thing and it is not question either. The entire Old Testament was canonized by strict measures Jesus and Paul being and Apostle assured us of its authority. So…many liberal theologians see verses like this as proof that the Pentateuch of portions of it may have not been written by Moses or were written long after the fact. I believe there is a better explanation for a verse like this that, at first glance, looks as if it is either a mistake/oversight or a solecism which is nonstandard usage or grammatical construction.

Understanding the truth that Scripture is inspired and authoritative and that the remainder of Numbers 12 probably was written by Moses at the same time verse 3 was…we have to assume that the Holy Spirit wrote verse 3. To clarify, when Moses was writing under inspiration of the Holy Spirit he was acting passively allowing God to work through him. These would account for the reference to Moses as the second party in the statement (Spense, Exell 1985).

This idea is reinforced by the previous verse which actually questions who the LORD is actually speaking through. “Has the LORD indeed spoken only through Moses? Has He not spoken through us as well?" The whole point of verse 3 is to not only countermand the previous statements by Miriam and Aaron, within the context of the Scripture it is showing that God does indeed speak through Moses. So the Bible establishes for posterity the Moses is indeed God’s mediator at the time and shows Miriam is not by afflicting her with leprosy for a week.

Spence, H.D.M., and Joseph Exell. "Leviticus-Numbers." The Pulpit Commentary. New Ed ed. Peabody Massachusetts: Hendrickson Publishers, 1985. Unk. Print.

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grasshopper said...

Although I am unable to perfectly obey the scriptures and this is my lament, I awake everyday opening up my soul in prayer, journaling and study in the Word to live my daily moments for the Father's commands in the scriptures, His very breath. His loving words are my comfort and safety, not effort or oppression. He created and made me, how else would I know or learn how to live. My mouth should speak God's Holy words in all that I do and say, not in self rightousness but for His glory; SOLA SCRIPTURA!!!

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