February 12, 2011

A Dead Canary or The Crucifixion

Subtitle: Contented In The Darkness

Suppose a man is stuck in a mine after the opening collapses and he cannot get out. He is stuck in near total darkness in a cold foreboding hole in the ground. Prematurely buried. Dead but alive. If this sounds familiar it should.

Now suppose someone tries to drill down through impenetrable obstacles and barriers to reach this person and save him from a premature grave giving him an avenue of escape. A chance to bring the dead back to life so to speak. He is given an oppurtunity and path to freedom. He is offered life giving sustenance such as water and bread. He is offered light to see in the darkness. He is also promised salvation from what appeared to be a trapped existence, quarentined in this cold dark hell. The obstacles that are piled on top of him are removed and he is given an escape that never seemed possible or seemed too improbable to be true.

He sees a hand reach down into the darkness from the light above to save him...

and he rejects it.

First you hear a cough and then another... and then a raspy voice, "Nah, no thanks, I'm good, but thanks anyway". Then he chooses to sit in the darkness slowly dying of thirst and hunger and continues to wave off any future attempts to rescue him from what is most certainly a self-imposed death sentence. Doesn't make sense does it?

Now imagine that he begins to taunt his rescuer every time he reaches down to offer help.

"You're an idiot!" 
" @#$#%% !!!! "
"If you really cared about me you would've saved me sooner..not interested..jerk!"
"I hate you!"
"How could you let this happen to me!"
"You don't exist, your just a figment of my imagination"
"I can't hear what you're saying la la la la la la la!"

Now lets ratchet up the improbability factor even more...imagine the rescuer with his hand down through the opening is the miner's father. Impossible you say?

Non-believers and people that do not believe in Jesus Christ and what He did for all humanity pretty much do this everyday without pause, regret or reflection. They turn their back on the only hand that reaches down to save them from the encroaching darkness.

And slowly they die in spiritual darkness. They are dead already but just do not realize it. Day after day they reject their salvation as He continues to proffer His hand.

Yeah, it makes no sense to me either.


Don and Shelly said...

Wow, Andy... that was a great analogy. May I use that as an illustration to others?

Andy Pierson said...

Of course you can :)

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