February 24, 2011

SoulJournaler Forewarning


If you attempt to post heretical comments in the comments section just so you can hawk or promote heretical books, DVD's, CD's or any other media....you will be deleted and permanently banned from SoulJournaler.

Even if you are not promoting something I will delete your posts if they are heretical, apostate or false teaching.

I will not have wolves creeping in among the sheep on this site. I peruse SoulJournaler's comments section daily and purge people's comments that are either deliberately false teaching or unwittingly false. Either way, if it isn't biblical, don't post it. The last post I deleted from the comments section of one of my posts...well...frankly I do not even think they realized they were apostate.

Any other posts are accepted, even one's critical of my opinions in posts. I would not be intellectually and spiritually honest if I did not allow them.

Good day!

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