February 18, 2011

On That Eighth Day

On that Eighth Day
of Creation
He stepped forth,
an everlasting Lazarus,
Who, brilliant in renewal,
Came to walk among our death
once again,
Just as unrecognizible in Resurrection
as before
When He deigned to become
enfolded in our shroud of dust

Walking with the blind
He bade the very rocks to silence
their joy
and whispered stillness
to His cavorting creation---
proffering pierced palms,
He plucked darkness from a soul
and stood
as He shall appear

That day His coming shall
quick-catch-snatch away
our blind and dark-glass gropings
as He did before.
But never before
has He been seen as HE is:
King of Kings
Lord of Lords

J. Bancroft

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