July 5, 2016

Understanding Islam XIX: “Official” Islam Refuted, Part 3

Statement 7: The “Bad Stuff” in the Qur’an is Just How it is Interpreted

Luckily all of the bad stuff in the Qur’an has been interpreted in the Sharia, in the Hadith and the Sira. We don’t need to worry about interpretation. The hermeneutic excuse therefore doesn’t fly at all. The Sharia says that the verses about fighting in Allah’s cause means killing Kafirs. There is no “fluff” in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is crystal clear in its nature. The fact that violence is repeatedly preached in the Qur’an does not make the Qur’an bad. Everything is the Qur’an is pure Islamic goodness. Jihad is part of that Islamic goodness. Indeed, the entire concept of “good” and “bad” is non-Islamic. In contrast, Islam is based upon what is permitted.

Statement 8: Good Muslims Will Reform the “Extremists”

But extremists are merely Medinan Muslims, since they follow the Medinan doctrine of jihad. Extremists are jihadists. Jihadists are the true Muslims and don’t need reform. Indeed, the Qur’an gives the jihadists political power over the Meccan Muslims through dominant violence and force, the ones we call good Muslims (who aren’t even true Muslims) Meccan Muslims are subordinate to Medinan Muslims, so the only reform can only come from Medinan Muslims, not the other way around. Get it? Yeah, neither do I.

Statement 9: Islam is the Religion of Tolerance

When Muhammad became a prophet of Allah there were hundreds of religions practiced in Mecca. The Arabs were a very tolerant people. There had never been a religious war in Arabia until Muhammad. After Muhammad came torture, murder, assassinations, enslavement, rape, theft and deceit. After 23 years of Muhammad, there were no other religions tolerated in Arabia. Muhammad was absolutely intolerant of all Kafirs. Muhammad was one of the most intolerant men who ever lived as are his adherents. Islam by its nature is a supremacist religion intolerant of all others.

Statement 10: Islam is the Religion of Freedom and Justice

This is actually an insult to Islam, since it is the religion of slaves. Muhammad was a slave of Allah. Muslims are the slaves of Allah. Muhammad enslaved those who did not agree with him or killed them. Every Muslim is a slave to the Sharia. Freedom is an anathema in Islam. To leave Islam is a death sentence. Apostasy is the worst crime in Islam. If you cannot leave Islam which enslaves all that come in contact with it, how is it free?

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