July 11, 2016

Understanding Islam XXIII: The Draconian Nature of Sharia, Part 1

If a non-Muslim was to approach an Imam about Islam they would most likely be told that Islamic law (Sharia) is perfect, universal and eternal. The laws of the United States are temporary, limited and will pass away. It is the duty of every Muslim to obey the laws of Allah, the Sharia. US laws are man-made; while Sharia law is sacred and comes from the only legitimate god, Allah. Therefore American, therefore Constitutional Law is to be ignored or superseded by Sharia. This mentality includes laws at the state level also because, by default, they fall under the umbrella of Federal jurisprudence.  With this understood I move to further statements based on what I’ve come to understand is Islamic ideology. Not moderate Islam, not radical Islam….just Islam.

The following world events have transpired due to Islamic Law (Sharia). These event's impetuses are based in Sharia because something either violated Sharia or is commanded by it. On September 11, 2001 jihadists attacked and destroyed the WTC, damaged the Pentagon and brought a plane down in western Pennsylvania. This atrocities were in compliance to doctrines of jihad found in Sharia law. These attacks were a political action motivated by a religious mandate for endless jihad (until all submit to Islam or are dead) and aimed purposefully at financial, military and political centers of the enemy.

Textbooks in many American educational systems must be approved by Islamic councils or risk lobbying of pro-Islamic groups with a lot of money against not only political opponents but also powerful unions which are nearly always at the whim of those with the largest checkbook and deepest pockets (usually Saudi Arabians). This is in accordance with Sharia law. American employers and schools are met with demands for time and space to do Islamic prayer these too are based on Sharia law. The American banking system is becoming Islamicized with Sharia financing from oil rich OPEC countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia Qatar among others.

Our banking system is becoming Sharia compliant to financial law, but is ignorant about the totality of Sharia law that will mandate certain outcomes as of a 51% share in said financial institutions. Universities are being asked (and they are complying) to provide sexually segregated swimming pools and other athletic facilities for Muslim women. That is because women are viewed as (1) inferior and (2) a detriment to male Islamic holiness.

Hospitals, food manufacturers and employers are being sued for not providing Sharia compliant treatment. Increasingly, courses at the college level that require critical thinking regarding the history and doctrine of Islam are being whitewashed and dumbed down to revise or obfuscate the truth of violence in Islam history. Under Sharia nothing about Islam may be criticized. Muslim charities give money to jihadists (Islamic terrorists), as per Sharia law.

The list goes on...

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