July 9, 2016

Understanding Islam XXII: Miscellaneous Islamic Proof Texts, Part 2

Muhammad accepted jihadists raping Kafir women.

[Bukhari 3.34.432 While sitting with Muhammad, I [Abu Said Al-Khudri] asked, “Muhammad, sometimes we receive female slaves as our share of the spoils. Naturally, we are concerned about their retaining their value [the sex slaves were worth less money if they were pregnant when sold]. How do you feel about coitus interruptus?” Muhammad asked, “Do you do that? It is better not to do that. It is Allah’s will whether or not a child is born.”]
The poetry of this hadith is the most colorful expression of jihad.
[Bukhari 4.52.73 Muhammad: “Be aware that Paradise lies under the shadow of swords.”]
On the issue of Allah not being sovereign and making contradicting statements through Muhammad (abrogation).
[Qur’an 2:106 Whatever of Our revelations we repeal or cause to be forgotten, we will replace with something superior or comparable. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things? Do you not know that Allah reigns sovereign over the heavens and earth and besides Him you have no protector or helper?]
On the issue of Allah (therefore Muslims) plotting against the Kafir (non-believing non Muslim) the Qur’an repeatedly says that Allah plots and schemes against the Kafirs.
[Qur’an 10:21 When We grant men a mercy after an adversity has afflicted them and we cause this people to taste of mercy, they start plotting against our signs. Say: Allah is swifter to plot. Our messengers record all the plots you make.]

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