July 1, 2016

Understanding Islam XVII: “Official” Islam Refuted, Part 1

Statement 1: Muslims, The Same as Christians/Jews

We all worship the same Abrahamic God.

Both Christianity and Judaism have the Golden Rule as their central ethical principle. Islam does not have a Golden Rule, but instead has dualistic ethics with one set of rules for Muslims and another set for Kafirs. The Christian God is defined by the Bible and loves humanity. Allah does not love humanity, but hates the Kafirs (non-Muslims) and only loves Muslims. The Qur’an insists that Jesus was not divine, was not crucified and was not resurrected. Judaism and Christianity share the inspired Hebrew Bible as being valid scripture. Islam denies the validity of the Hebrew Bible. Christians believe in the Trinity. Islam views this as heretical polytheism.

Statement 2: Islam is Inherently Good

There are no jihadists, just extremists fueled by poverty

This is deliberate ignorance or deceit. It is impossible not to be an extremist if you are imitating Muhammad. He rose to power through continued violence for nine straight years with an act of violence, on the average, of every six weeks. The act of jihad is not extremism, but a manifestation of the core political doctrine of Islam...Sharia. Put another way, according to true Islamic adherents. None of the jihadists on 9/ 11 were extremists but were extraordinary Muslims who followed the Sunna of Muhammad.

Statement 3: Violence

Perpetrated by Muslims because They're  Poor  & Oppressed

This explanation works best if you are a Marxist of some flavor who believes that economics and materialism is the driver for human behavior. This apples to the Social Gospel and Liberation Theology in Christianity also. Anyone who has studied Islamic doctrine and history knows that Islam is based upon violence and that without violence Muhammad would have died a failure. Jihad by terror and violence, was his best invention and was the reason for his success in Medina. In Mecca he tried religion as a basis for success and failed horrendously in the beginning. Violence by Muslims against Kafirs is pure Islamic doctrine and is inseparable from their religion regardless of the propaganda spread by apologists for the religion.

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