June 30, 2016

Understanding Islam XVI: The Wrong Response to Islam

Kafirs have a basic instinct when faced with Islam. They make compromises in the face of force and terror. We will do things our way based on Judeo-Christian morals and ethics: Islam can reform and life will be good. You cannot meet a philosophy of force with compromise. Reform of Islam is a logically impossible. Since most kafirs don’t know anything about the history of Islam, they think that we will work this out like we always have. We will find middle ground. This is a crucial error in western Christianized thinking that our rules apply to Islam. Here’s the problem. Even if a Muslim wanted to leave Islam, it is a death sentence. They would become an apostate. An apostate is worse than a kafir. The Qur’an says that apostasy is a crime worse than mass murder.

As a true Christian, Islam will not even recognize you as a follower of Jesus. How is that you say? Simple really, Islam teaches that true Christians are those who say that Jesus was a Muslim prophet; there is no crucifixion, no resurrection and no Trinity (this is exactly why Muslim Imam and clerics often agree with liberal theology in Christianity). The only true Jews are those who admit that the Torah is wrong and that Muhammad was the last in the line of Jewish prophets. Otherwise, you are not a Christian or Jew in the eyes of Islam. Lousy start point for conversation. In Islam the only real Christians and Jews are dhimmis, since they must declare the Scriptures to be corrupt and that Muhammad is the last prophet of both Jews and Christians. Those who don’t are not true Christians and Jews by Islamic standards, but kafirs.

In western culture, there is the ability to criticize our own actions and the action of our political and religious leaders and correct mistakes. Criticism of Islamic religion or politics by Muslims is rare and for a kafir can lead to a deadly end. We learned this from Danish Muhammad cartoons and the Charlie Hebdo attacks. So when Islam says you are free to say anything you want, you are…just don’t offend a Muslim. As for religion and politics…the US Constitution separates the church and state, but Islam demands that religion and state be combined as one unit. In Islam these are inseparable because it is a theocracy.

As a Christian my correct response to Islam is a fearless and compassionate explanation of the Gospel to Muslims. It is the only thing powerful enough to reach into the mindset where Muslims are at. The few points of commonality like Jesus and the portions of Scripture lifted from the Bible are always a good place to start. My best advice is to start with Jesus and see where it goes from there.

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