June 14, 2016

Understanding Islam VI: Jihad Is Defense Not Offense

Sept 11, 2001 attacks followed Muhammad’s pattern for Jihad in that it was a premeditated sneak attack (Guerilla-type warfare). Before Muhammad there had been Arabian established rules of war. But when Muhammad developed jihad he threw out all the rules in favor of offensive Guerilla warfare. Brother could now kill brother, father could kill son and tribe member would go to war against another tribe.

Islam will always claim a “defensive” attack in the Muslims mind. They are protecting their way of life. They view themselves victims of circumstance. This mindset is often employed by the Palestinians in Israel. According to most devout Imam, September 11 was a defensive attack. All jihad is considered defensive because the Kafir (infidel) creates the first offense by denying Muhammad. So the Kafir has already offended Allah. Logically it is a no-win situation for a Kafir. Therefore, what follows the offense is a defensive attack. If it were not for the Kafir there would be no jihad. The Kafir are to blame, there are virtually no exception. Therefore until all are converted to Islam and submission to Allah, jihad is considered perpetual and is incumbent upon all Muslims to perform. If a Muslim is not willing to perform jihad, they are Kafir. There is no middle ground or “moderate” position. Jihad is not to cease until the last Kafir has submitted. As long as there are Kafirs there will be jihad.

Interestingly, not all jihad comes as C4 strapped to someone’s waist. The biggest jihad happening in America today is practiced by Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. And they’re not using the sword, they’re using the dollars we pay them for oil. The most problematic jihad though is the money funneled into special interest politics. Washington, D.C. is awash in money from the Middle East and this money is used to influence votes, influence people and launch political campaigns. The most powerful jihad is the Islamification of our education, political and judicial systems.

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