June 26, 2016

Understanding Islam XV: Islamic Ethics (or lack thereof)

Let’s get this out of the way. Islamic ethics…are not ethics as westernized cultures would understand ethics. In Christianity and western society in generally they would be considered deceitful immoralities. Islamic ethics are dualistic and in their very nature contradictory and often hypocritical. They have one set of rules for Muslims and one for Kafirs True moral type ethics like loyalty, truth and love are applied to Muslims but Kafir can be deceived, robbed, murdered and raped. There is a doctrine for sacred deceit…al-Taqiyya. Most westernized ethics are based upon the Golden Rule, treat others as you would be treated.

Who are others? The others are everyone. There’s no elimination of someone because of race, sex, ethnicity, religion. Islam the Golden Rule only applies to Muslims. Since Kafir are sub human those types of ethics do not apply to them. The Qur’an never addresses humanity as a whole. Instead humanity is always divided into the Kafir and Muslim. The Qur’an states Kafir are to be treated differently from the believer and this treatment can be violent. In Islam there is no universal humanity therefore no ability to have peaceful unity. They do not believe all men are created equal so they will also deny American founding principles. Because of this contradictory philosophy there cannot be concept of right and wrong in Islam.

Also, when Muslim scholars say terror is not the way of Islam, they are practicing al-Taqiyya (dissimulation). It means sacred deception. To even have a concept of sacred deceit is an extraordinary ethical-less thought. Islamic ethics are clearly laid out in the Hadith. The nuts and bolts?: A Muslim is to never cheat another Muslim in business, does not lie to another Muslim, does not kill another Muslim, does not bother another Muslim’s wife. These statements are very dualistic because this behavior is only reserved for other Muslims. Everyone else is fair game.

To deal with Islam, it is critical that we understand its ethics and lack of them, especially al-Taqiyya. We assume that they’re fundamental ethics are the same as ours but this assumption is based upon ignorance. Ignorance that can get people dead. Ours ethics are based on the unitary law of treating all people the same. Islamic ethics are based upon the idea of Kafirs and believers and having a separate set of ethics and being inferior. One cannot understand Islam without understanding this ethical duality. Islam is a supremacist religion that looks down on all other people as inferior and not worth treating as human.

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