June 22, 2016

Understanding Islam XII: Islam IS Submission

Islam is a chain of submission. From the top down it is Allah, Muhammad, the Muslim, the Kafir, the dhimmi and the slave. In this country we are beginning to see how submission works. We’re not as far along as Europe, but Muslims have immigrated here and have started making their demands as we have seen in public Islamic calls to prayer in America’s first Muslim majority city in Hamtramck, Michigan and with “Clock Boy”. The first thing they demanded was that the textbooks of America must conform to their way of teaching about Islam. I’ve spoken with a history major at West Chester University in PA and he has confirmed this fact just as a precursory review of textbooks will show. Yet, Islam will claim they are just trying to fit in according to our rules and ethics.

This duality is explained in two phases that Islam manifests to the world. The face of Mecca and the face of Medina. Medina is the violent phase, the political phase. Mecca is the nice phase. What we have is that the Qur’an of Mecca is used as a shield. It’s the public face of Islam. Mecca is what Muslims always talk about peace with or to Kafirs. This duality, this subtlety is what makes Islam so powerful because you can’t just jump up and condemn Islam as being totally violent. It needs to be clarified like this and this is a critical distinction that all Kafir must understand about Islam.

It isn’t that all Muslims are peaceful or all Muslims are violent at any one given time. It is unique characteristic of Islam that it allows all Muslims to be peaceful at any one given moment or allows them to all be violent at any one given tie based on their current political military position. This is obviously based on Jihad an whether or not they feel they are under threat (remember al-Taqiyya?). In other words, all Muslims are capable and permitted by their holy writ to wage jihad and are expected to. The question is: Are they being obedient to the murderous decrees of Allah and obedient to the murderous character of Muhammad that all Muslims are called to emulate? Remember, the Qur’an and Hadith are filled with contradictory/dualistic statements of jihad and peace. That peace is defined by Islam…which is only directed at Muslims. Kafir must submit or convert…or be subject to death.

When jihad happens such as the 9/ 11 or the Paris massacre, Muslims say, “Oh, that is not the real Islam”. But it is. “Moderates” will not protest, merely deny. Why don’t they protest against the Medinan Muslims, the jihadists? Because they are outranked in order of submission. The Medinan Qur’an that celebrates war and political power is higher and more powerful than the Meccan Qur’an in terms of authority in Islam.

What is peace in Islam? Peace in Islam comes only after you have submitted to Islam. The submission can be brought about by jihad. So here we have again the Qur’an of Mecca (the peaceful religious portion) covering the Qur’an of Medina (the violent political portion). Our common westernized Christian understanding of the word peace misleads us here. It hides the fact that jihad can be used to achieve Islamic peace. It is literally George Orwell's 1984 slogan: WAR IS PEACE. You will submit, one way or another. We would like to think that everyone can peacefully, but Islam does not work like that. Islam demands submission. There is simply no compromise between a system that wants to use the Golden Rule /democracy and a supremacist system which says that everyone has to submit.

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