June 15, 2016

Understanding Islam VII: Jihad in the Education System

One of the primary places that Muslims use money to advance jihad is in educational systems. The Saudis have pumped in enormous amounts of money into our universities. The Middle East history departments and Arabic department's textbooks teach a sanitized version of Islam in schools. In many cases the Islam that is studied in our schools is a glorified religion, not a glorified political system. No mention is ever made of nearly 300 million Kafir deaths since Islam’s inception. There is usually no mention of the dhimmitude or a Kafir as slave. Very little attention is brought to shine on Islam’s role in the African American slave trade either (a later post). On the issue of slavery it needs to be understood that nearly every single African slave that was sold to the white man was bought from a Muslim wholesaler.

While on the topic of slavery it should be noted that Islam as a politic has a political status for the Christians called dhimmi (another later post). When Islam takes over a governmental situation it implements Sharia law. How Christians and Jews end up being treated in Islamic courts is awful. Dhimmi have no civil rights like slaves. So this history of dhimmitude and special taxes that Christians had to pay was in essence taxed slavery.

So why isn’t much of Islamic history taught and thoroughly examined in schools? Some do but many do not. Why? I am guessing based on reading it is because their history is not glorified but instead...morbid and murderous. It is graphic like the images we see from ISIS. One of the main reasons that even Christians don’t teach the history of Christianity and Islam is the history is so dreadful, frankly a lot of it is horrid and disgusting. We see some of it in the censored videos online. For Christian’s who attempt to stay chaise and pure, discussion of khafḍ (female genital mutilation) in a classroom setting is, well, unsettling. Are Christian’s angels? No. they're not BUT... Islam’s history is often that HORRENDOUS. To understand true Islam, true history needs to be studied. This dreadful history continues until today. We see it in the 9/11 attacks, Paris, the poor treatment of Jews worldwide and the blatant and horrible persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

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