June 20, 2016

Understanding Islam XI: Islam and Slavery

You do not know the history of African slavery if you do not know about Islam’s involvement. It is impossible to study the history of Muhammad and Islam and not understand slavery is integral to Islam. Some people think that slavery only happened when white men showed up in ships off the coast of Africa, captured slaves and brought them to America. To only see this piece is to see only a portion of slavery. Islam has 40 different words in their holy writ for slave. Why would the Arabic language have over forty words for slave? They would have 40 or more words for slavery because it is critical to their religion/politics.

White man’s involvement with slavery does involve him showing up on the coast of Africa in a ship to get slaves. That is only half the story though. In reality white man left with his slaves purchased from Muslim slave traders. The Muslims had been trading and capturing slaves in Africa since before Muhammad. White men only represented the newest market. In reality the ideal Muslim views himself as a slave of Allah. As a matter of fact, this is reflected in one of many Muslim names…Abdullah. Abd means slave and Allah - Slave of Allah. The truth is that slavery and subjugation holds a high position in the Islamic mentality.

The Qur’an is very clear about slavery. It’s quite desirable and it has only one limitation: You cannot enslave Muslims. Only Kafir (nonbelievers) can be enslaved. Often the full history of slavery is not taught in the United States. Nor is it easy to find textbooks written that include the full truth. That truth is horrible. Out of the approx. 25 million slaves that were taken out of Africa, 11 million were sold in the Americas. The other 14 million were sold in West/North Africa and southern Europe, where Islam is dominate. By the numbers, for every single slave captured, the slavers had to kill in a 10:1-5:1 ratio.

Sources vary but according to some of those who visited Africa during the peak slave trading days said that there was (conservatively) a 5:1 death ratio for one slave in the wholesale market. In other words, for the 25 million enslaved ten times as many died. That means conservatively 100 million Africans killed to acquire the body of slaves that survived. Worst case scenario 200,000,000+ (and that is just the African totals, not other people’s too). That is a deplorable and murderous statistic and says a lot about the value placed on human life by Islam. Many of the slaves were wholesaled to raise money for jihad. I suppose it is not surprising that that for centuries Islam has been involved in slavery. Allah likes a slave and Allah clearly wants Muslims to enslave others. I’m guessing it is because after keeping slaves long enough, they will convert to Islam and if they don’t, then their children will. Slavery cannot be removed from the Islamic doctrine because Islamic doctrine is eternal. It’s permanent. You cannot change a zebra’s stripes.

Let us be very clear on another fact also. Islam subjugates all non-Muslims. It will just as soon enslave and murder Buddhist, Hindus and Sikhs as it will Christians and Jews. There is no COEXIST in unity with Islam, Their holy writ will not allow it. As a matter of fact history again proves this out. Afghanistan used to be primarily Buddhist until the 10th century when Islam infiltrated. These areas are now primarily Islamic. As a matter of fact, some of the Buddhist statues of antiquity have recently been destroyed by the Taliban.

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