June 19, 2016

Understanding Islam X: Islam’s Persecution of Christians and Jews

Although the Islamic persecution of Jews has been horrid, I will mainly focus on the Christian persecution because both Jews and Christians have gotten the brunt of the violence that emanates from the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira. When Muhammad had his first vision, which no one else saw, and when he heard the voices, he said they were the voice was of the Angel Gabriel. This is important because Gabriel is in the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is borrowed. From the beginning Muhammad said that his authenticity rested on the fact that he had the same basis as the prophets in the Old Testament (thus sayeth the Lord). The characters were the same but the stories were wrong. If there had been Jews in Mecca they, would have said: “That’s not the way this story really happened.” The Qur’an claims the stories in the Old Testament have been corrupted.

In truth, one of the main reasons I wished to write about Islam is to have people understand the absurdity of the religious/political system that is Islam and then give a better option in the truth of the Christian Gospel. In this post I begin to turn that page. The truth is that Islam has two views of Christians/Jews (duality again). The first view is that Christianity and Islam are brother religions. The second view is that Christians must change their religion to meet the demands of Islam. Modern Christians want to believe that there is a bridge between Islam and Christianity. But the history of Islam shows that Islam first deceives and then annihilates Christianity. Wherever true Islam becomes dominate, Christian and all non-believers end up suffering death or oppression. When Islam takes over an area all of the culture, laws and politics becomes Islamic (Sharia). A Dhimmi, Kafir (nonbeliever, infidel) has to pay a tax, the Jizya. Half of everything they earned is paid to Islam.

Whenever the issue of Islamic persecution comes up, apologists of Islam are quick to state that Christians and Muslims worship the same God (Abrahamic God). That sounds like a good commonality to get started but this is just not true. Since many don’t know any better about Islam’s Allah and the God of the Bible most are accepting of this fallacy. Islam will say they honor Jesus because Jesus was a prophet of Allah, Jesus was a Muslim. They will also say that Jesus was not the Son of God, merely a Prophet. They’ll tell you that the Apostles of Christ were Muslims. They’ll state that Jesus was not crucified, therefore was not resurrected. They’ll state that Trinity is an affront to Allah. They’ll claim Allah is the only one true God and that the Trinity makes Christians polytheist. Islam will say that the New Testament was a corrupt document. In particular, the reason that the New Testament was wrong was that the prophet of Allah, Jesus’ chief prophecy was that after him would come the final prophet and his name would be Ahmed (Muhammad).

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