February 3, 2010

Description: Scourging

There is no picture necessary for this post. Your mind creates the horror of this image on its own.

Hebrew law dictated a limit of 40 lashes, the Pharisees being scrupulous and wishing to make sure the number was not exceeded and the law violated opted usually for 39. To make sure they didn't violate the law. The Romans had no such inhibitions. The only Roman stipulation was that the flogger didn't kill the victim. The device used was called a flagrum. It had a short handle with several thick leather straps. On the end of which were tied either balls of lead to contuse and bruise the flesh or "tali" which were ankles bones of sheep, pieces of metal or metal hooks. Both of which were intended to "drain the life" out of the victim before crucifixion. When describing a scourging Horace; said "sectum flagellis--praeconis ad fastidium" (Horace; Epode IV) "So torn by whips as to disgust those in charge" which concurs with Scripture. Additionally, the word "excruciatus" or excruciating derives from this torture and coined in the middle ages. Literally translated it means "out of the crucified". If you think you've got it bad...you need only compare the things you are enduring to the things Jesus endured on our behalf. Holy is his name. Exalted above all others.

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