February 15, 2010

Knowledge Settling In Like a Morning Mist

Again I visit Job...again I come away dumbfounded.

Referring to when he was in his prime:

Nobles would be hushed and listen when he spoke...
He "was the eyes to the blind"
"feet to the lame"


Job 29:21-22 Men listened to me and waited and kept silence for my counsel. After I spoke they did not speak again, and my word "dropped upon" them.

"dropped upon"...it hung in my head so I pulled out the interlinear and Bullinger's Figures of Speech and low and behold...!

"dropped upon" (Hebrew: naw-taf'- to distill gradually in small drops, one drop at a time) Like a slow rain (drizzle) mist or fog. Gradually soaking you. It takes a long time for the moisture to soak into your clothes but it can thoroughly drench you. In this case Job is referring to his speaking, speech, his words. The words settled in slowly and this is why people remained silent after he was done speaking. Listeners were absorbing his words like a sponge soaking up a mist. Chewing on the meat and spitting out the bones. Extracting the protein and nutrients from the meat until there was nothing left to extract. Like a cow chewing its cud. Slowly but thoroughly, taking it all in.

To drive home the imagery of water, the next verse completes the picture.

Job 29:23 They waited for me as for the rain.

The ESV and NKJV were Black and White...the original Hebrew was in 3D Color. Nice.

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